Facebook audience growth case study for Christian author Bryan Crum

Bryan Crum is a Christian ministry leader, author, and storyteller who is passionate about shining a light on people’s internal design. With a background as a hospice chaplain, Bryan spent years helping people reflect on life at the end of their lives, pointing them to a Savior who is waiting for all of us with open arms. 

Bryan believes everyone has a story to tell and has made it his mission to illuminate people’s stories, spotlighting the “true words written in bold on our inner framework by our Creator.” He also started Boomerang Ministry Corp in 2019 to help people invest in rest so they can come back stronger than ever and return to the good fight. 

Most recently, Bryan is debuting as a Christian author with a soon-to-be-released book from leading Christian publisher David C Cook featuring collaborations from Bob Goff, author of New York Times bestseller Love Does, and Kimberly Stuart, best-selling author and speaker. FrontGate Media was hired to help Bryan build his Facebook audience before his upcoming book release.


The target market for Bryan Crum’s Facebook audience growth campaign was Christian women who enjoy shopping and reading. This group was likely to be receptive to themes of faith, self-improvement, and spirituality often found in Christian literature. Moreover, their fondness for shopping suggests a willingness to purchase new items, including books. 

Their passion for reading implies that they continually seek fresh material to consume, making them ideal candidates to be interested in Bryan’s upcoming book release. Finally, by focusing on this specific demographic, we targeted the campaign messaging and imagery to resonate deeply with these women, increasing the chances of engagement and, ultimately, book sales when the time comes.


The goal of Bryan Crum’s Facebook audience growth campaign centered around attracting potential readers for his upcoming book release and securing the interest of a publisher. This involved not only drawing followers to his page but also engaging them with relevant and intriguing content. 

Along with native content, we posted Facebook ads, serving a dual purpose: attracting new page likes and fostering interaction among existing followers. The content of these ads was carefully curated to resonate with the target audience of Christian women who enjoy shopping and reading. Through this approach, the campaign established a vibrant community of potential readers eagerly anticipating Bryan’s book release.

Facebook audience growth case study for Christian author Bryan Crum


By strategically blending native content with Facebook advertising, we successfully achieved 16,500 followers and maintained an average post engagement rate of 20%. Remarkably, we achieved these results within seven months and on a modest budget.

Establishing this solid foundation played a pivotal role in Bryan securing a book deal, with David C Cook now set to publish his book. 

As we transition into Phase 2, our focus is shifting towards further audience expansion and the collection of emails through lead generation ads. These concerted efforts are all geared toward ensuring a successful book launch for Bryan Crum in the coming year.

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