DoveLogoBlueHiResFounded in 1991, The Dove Foundation has become a key resource for parents everywhere. With detailed, honest reviews, they offer discerning parents a way to pre-screen movies and other products in order to choose appropriate options for their families. The Dove Foundation carefully outlines the amounts of violence, sexual content, and language in current movies, DVDs and more.

According to Dick Rolfe, Dove Foundation Co-Founder and CEO, “We were frustrated because we felt inadequate to make selections on behalf of our children without watching the films themselves beforehand. We didn’t trust the Motion Picture ratings; G, PG, PG-13 and R. (Source).”

The Dove Foundation’s desire is to encourage wholesome entertainment for families everywhere.

Why They Engaged FrontGate

Having set up social pages, and done some in-house posting, The Dove Foundation had a desire to increase their social media presence.  They approached FrontGate with the primary goal of increasing their following.  They also desired to increase the amount and communication and interaction on their social media outlets, to cultivate a strong online community. Their hopes were that these actions would increase traffic to their site as well.

Target Audience

The Dove Foundation has built trust relationships with senior executives of the major Hollywood studios and over 600 independent producers and distributors. Building on Dove’s powerful reputation for protecting family values, FrontGate’s social media team helped leverage their following on platforms like Facebook and Google+.  The target audience for this campaign was primarily women, especially mothers. Because The Dove Foundation has a tremendous database providing movie reviews for families, creating discovery of their site and offerings is crucial to their mission.

Campaign Details

The campaign ran for five months and included social media posts (example shown below) with movie reviews, family movie quizzes, newsletter information, and inspirational quotes. Each post was paired with high quality images, the Dove logo, and appropriate hashtags in order to garner likes, shares, and comments.



Starting from 4,800 Facebook likes, with a modest budget we built that audience to 37,818. as of 3/2/14.
– Average Weekly Total Reach: 11,555 people
– Average People Talking About Dove Per Week: 3,000
– Average Weekly Total Reach: 46,221.

“FrontGate did an excellent job growing our social audience.  In creating content, they worked to take on our voice, rather than just creating general content.”

– Dick Rolfe, Co-founder & CEO, The Dove Foundation

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