All for Jesus is an independent ministry based out of Colorado that focuses on encouraging and inspiring families, couples, and individuals to live out an “abundant life” in Christ. They accomplish this through powerful retreats, insightful books, and curriculum, and have begun expanding their reach globally through the medium of film. Having been at work in the hearts and lives of believers for nearly two decades, they have returned to FrontGate for another season of development.

About the Campaign

FrontGate Media previously worked with All for Jesus promoting their books and retreats.  For this new round of growth, we were re-hired to manage their Digital Communications through Social Media Marketing and their Email Newsletter.  By growing their social following and increasing their newsletter subscribers, the ministry will not only expand its audience base, but will also be equipped to develop deeper relationships with these subscribers and followers through increased touch points and more frequent engagement ultimately resulting in increased sales for their retreats and books.  The target audience included women, men, and couples ages 40+ who are interested in self-improvement and living abundant spiritual lives.

Campaign Details:

FrontGate developed a campaign centered around strategic social ad placement in order to develop social media leads and collect email contacts, and then to follow up with increased consistent communication with their target audience.

Campaign Results:

With a modest budget, FrontGate secured over 1,000 new Facebook followers and generated 1,600 new email subscribers in only 45 days.  We then created a newsletter strategy to communicate All for Jesus’ key priorities and began to reach out through email newsletters to promote book and retreat sales which increased overall site traffic.

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