Thomas Nelson LogoThe American Patriot’s Bible has been a best-selling Bible for Thomas Nelson since its release in 2010. Believers with an interest in how America’s rich history intersects with the Christian faith have found The American Patriot’s Bible to be an insightful resource on the ways the Christian faith of our Forefathers has shaped our country’s heritage. The American Patriot’s Bible was originally only available in The New King James Version (NKJV). With the continued success of the NKJV edition, Thomas Nelson decided to roll-out a second version in the beloved King James Version (KJV) last year. Thomas Nelson returned to enlist the help of FrontGate Media to identify specific key audiences to execute a highly targeted advertising campaign.

Target Audience

The American Patriot’s Bible is a niche product targeted specifically toward history lovers, military personnel, veterans and general Christians.


The foremost challenge of marketing a unique product like The American Patriot’s Bible lies in the nature of its content. The very thought of combining the topics of religion and politics is polarizing, so in researching advertising mediums, it was important that Thomas Nelson partner with outlets that attracted a largely conservative Christian audience.

While many secular outlets fit the criteria of catering to a right-wing constituency, many mainstream outlets were leery of advertising a Christian product. That’s where FrontGate came in. With the launch of the NKJV version of this Bible, The American Family Association as well as The Washington Times–both part of the FrontGate Media Group family–had been instrumental in the initial success of the original version. That’s why it was a no-brainer for Thomas Nelson to once again partner with FrontGate for the release of the KJV edition in 2012.

The FrontGate Media Campaign

FrontGate Media worked with Thomas Nelson to create a multi-pronged campaign that strategically reached a targeted audience through The Washington Times focusing on a key time of the year. The most successful advertising campaigns for this Bible took place at strategic military holidays such as Fourth of July, Memorial Day and September 11. For this particular placement, FrontGate created a campaign to run in the weeks leading up to Veteran’s Day. The campaign included an online banner in the Books section of The Washington Times, a newsletter ad in the popular “Daily Editorial Headlines” email, a direct email and a variety of leaderboard and medium rectangular web ads for a total of over 1.2 million impressions in a little over a week’s time.

American Patriot's BibleResults

Out of all of the advertising purchased for the KJV edition of The American Patriot’s BibleThe Washington Times campaign saw some of the strongest results, proving that the combination of the right audience targeted at a specific key time will always produce quality results. Here are just a few of the results of this short, but powerful, advertising campaign:

  • The “Daily Editorial Headlines” newsletter that contained The American Patriot’s Bible web ads generated over 100,000 opens with over 200 people clicking on the ads for the Bible.
  • With a subject line that boasted of the 50% discount off The American Patriot’s Bible, the dedicated email saw a 12% open rate with over 8,000 opens and more than 200 click-thrus resulting in an increase in sales at the day the email was sent.
  • The combined impressions of the 728×90 and the 300×250 banners garnered over 156,000 impressions alone, resulting in a 0.28% CTR.

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