amtcActors, Models & Talent for Christ (AMTC) is a movement to launch stars who are also role models in the entertainment industry. AMTC’s program includes education and a six-day conference that happens twice a year in Orlando, Florida.  AMTC serves as a bridge between performers who love God and career-making agents actively working in the entertainment industry.  Their success is evident from the roster of working talent involved with organization.

AMTC desired to increase their number of participants at 25-plus regional audition events all across the country. They selected FrontGate to expand awareness of and drive more talent to their audition events.

Why AMTC Uses FrontGate

“We were extremely impressed with the results we achieved through partnering with FrontGate. By tapping into FrontGate’s wide array of databases and by being able to specifically target particular regions of the country where we were needing greater participation for our auditions, we were able to collect a wide selection of incredible talent. Thanks to FrontGate, we were able to discover some of the best talent from across the country, and I can’t wait to see how God uses this group of talented actors, singers and models to change the world for His glory.”
–  Adam She, Executive Director AMTC

Target Audience

The target audience for the AMTC auditions were actors, models, singers, dancers and comedians who feel a calling from God to perform; people who want to perform, make a difference and be a light. Auditions were open for every talent level from beginners to professionals, ages 4-84.


AMTC’s biggest challenge was obtaining a cross-section of talent from a variety of states. With offices in Georgia and Texas, AMTC needed a way to reach out to talent across the country in an efficient manner to promote auditions in specific areas for those wanting to pursue a career in the arts while glorifying God.

The FrontGate Campaign

FrontGate’s focused in via our ad network to deliver geo-targeted advertising for AMTC, while also writing and servicing  a national press release to draw broad attention through media outlets across the country.  AMTC  selected the 100,000 email annual volume discount package for direct email, which brought their cost down to only 5 cents per email. FrontGate has regional capabilities with our segmentable direct email database via, Human Events, and more, and through the geo-targeted banner advertising options in our ad network on,,, and, as well as Pay Per Click in the U.S. and globally across 196 countries in any language.


By targeting direct email ads to Christians in 22 of the 25 key cities and the surrounding areas, AMTC received outstanding open rates well above industry averages on their direct email ads, driving awareness and attendance at these events. The star of the campaign proved to be the direct email database.

The average open rate across all 20+ sends was a very high 25%, with click thrus from opens at 4.6%.

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