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Case Studies


Most people have different ideas as to what a good result is. To some it’s reaching the most number of people; to others it’s having money in the bank, increased sales, or a certain number of people at a live event. To us, it’s all of these and more.  When it comes to delivering the right audience to match your needs, your products and your brand, results really come down to: 

  • Did we reach the right people?
  • Did the people react to your message?
  • What did it cost? 
  • Would we do it again?

That’s why we really prefer short, to-the-point comments from our customers rather than pages of information that no one has time to read. So here’s what people are saying about FrontGate Media and the way we deliver the right audience every time out.

For those of you that do like to read in-depth information, please click on the links below to read about our customer’s successes in detail:

Case Studies

Project Inspired / Nicole Weider  
Public Relations | VIEW FULL CASE STUDY

The results have been phenomenal thus far.  The campaign has been covered in over 100 media outlets including FOX News, CNN’s Showbiz Tonight, CBN News and the New York Observer.  We have generated a 78% increase in email subscribers and an increase of 55% in web visits since the campaign inception. 

“FrontGate Media has helped us to successfully fulfill our passions and create relationships with young women in the hopes of inspiring them – with spirituality, truth and fun -- so they may live their best lives.  The incredible amount of PR we received has positively impacted what we are able to provide our readers, thereby creating a pathway for our readers to enjoy their lives.”
– Nicole Weider, Founder of


Kenny Luck/Every Man Ministries - Men’s Expert , Author, Speaker, Pastor

Every Man Ministries (EMM), founded in 2000 by Kenny Luck, men's pastor at Saddleback Church, has a “simple” goal: to revolutionize men's ministry, free men spiritually, and ignite spiritual health worldwide. With a passion to reach, relate to, and re-ignite men to become God's men living out God's purposes, EMM engaged FrontGate Media, experts in faith-based marketing, to bolster social media engagement.


Indie Artist: HarvestBloom
Marketing Campaign | VIEW FULL CASE STUDY

HarvestBloom is a Rock Band from Silver Spring, Maryland whose members are humbly writing music to help spread the message of Grace. In additional to recording music and performing live concerts, HarvestBloom also spends their time supporting several charitable organizations like The Capital Area Food Bank, The International Justice Mission. and Kenya Hope.


City Spur – Web Site Launch

While introducing a new company into the extremely crowded online Yellow Page's industry, the strong social media and SEO marketing campaign combined the use of Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, and Blip.TV - along with a heavy backlinking campaign for search engine purposes. The Result: in 6 months, CitySpur grew to an average of nearly 200,000 monthly unique visitors to the website (verified by We generated over 15,000 followers on Twitter, making it the most followed Yellow Pages service on Twitter) and have accumulated 150,000 monthly streams of their weekly travel show resulting in increased revenues by 200%, and ranking the site at the top of Google in many keyword searches.


“FrontGate Media is the significant player in the faith market for companies who want culture-engaged, active, faith and family values based consumers.”
— The Washington Times, Eric Getzinger, General Manager, Digital Business 
"FrontGate Media is a tremendous partner for us. The audiences they recommended are right on target for what we needed to achieve. They think outside-of-the-box, often exceeding my expectations."
— Ted Gartner, EVP, Grace Hill Media, (Narnia, The Blind Side)
“FrontGate Media is a key strategic partner for us. They understand where our ministry is right now AND where we are going. Their team gets us. They are helping us to complete our calling through an integrated strategy across social media, public relations and advertising.  I value having their mindshare.”
— Kenny Luck, Men’s Expert, Pastor & Author, Every Man Ministries & Saddleback Church
“FrontGate Media made an incredible contribution to our overall campaign for SOUL SURFER. The audiences they recommended were on target for what we needed to achieve and their out-of-the-box ideas exceeded my expectations.  Their media channels and their targeted proposal, helped us achieve outstanding results: opening as the #4 film for the weekend and the #1 per screen average for new releases.  Working with them was smooth and enjoyable; they were more like an internal part of our team and less like an outside agency.”
— Krista Veteto, Marketing Manager & Media Buyer, Outreach Films on the faith-based media buy for SOUL SURFER.
“FrontGate Media gave me a media plan that allowed me to directly reach my target audience... more than 2 million people through their media family.”
— Carat - Los Angeles, Lindsay Dye, Media Planner
"FrontGate Media is a great value to us at EMI Gospel. They are an integral part in most of our marketing campaigns. I love their energy and willingness to brainstorm custom ideas at any given time. They truly make an impact within the Gospel community and have been vital to our successes."
— Cameron Hilson, Digital Marketing Specialist, EMI Gospel
"I have worked with FrontGate Media for many years to advertise and promote the various products published at Tyndale House. I appreciate that they are always willing to work with us in developing the best campaign possible within our budget. FrontGate has proven to be and will continue to be a valuable resource for Tyndale House Publishers.”
— Tyndale House, Debbie Johnson, Advertising & Promotions Manager
"It's been great working with you guys. Kyle is amazing and has helped me all along the way with these vendors. We are excited to play the main stage at Cornerstone as well, thanks to your team! Thanks!"
— Matthew Reed, Indie Music Artist 
“FrontGate Media is a key element for our media planning… In each campaign, we have worked together to effectively assemble and execute a targeted multi-media plan reaching the key demographics needed for our clients.
— Deodandum Communications, Phil Bandy, President, for Zondervan Bibles (NIV)
“FrontGate Media is by far our best performing partner. No one else comes close to this level!”
— World Vision, John Strobel, Director of Strategic Alliances Internet Marketing
"FrontGate helped us reach and super-serve the teen target demo and bring them to the series and the channel. ’Revolve: Rockin' The Road’ attracted a significant audience among teen girls, the primary target demographic for the series. Those viewers were able to enjoy the show while we were able to promote our other programming."
— GMC, Wendy McCoy, Vice President of Marketing

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