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Carlos Hernandez joins Unilit

Medley, FL (September 14, 2017)– Spanish House Ministries announced today that Carlos Hernandez has joined Unilit as Sales Director focusing primarily on the International Market. Carlos previously served with Unilit for 23 of the more than 30 years in the Spanish Christian publishing industry.

Timothy Ecklebarger, President of Spanish House Ministries said, “I’m very excited about Carlos’ return to the Spanish House Ministries’ family. Carlos brings with him an intimate knowledge of our company and the high level of service required from our team. Carlos has a servant’s heart and I’m certain God will use him and his talents to expand our mission to reach the lost and nourish God’s children through literature.”

“I am very grateful and I consider it a privilege to be a part of this great organization, and to join a team of professionals who share a love for world missions and my vision to bring the message of God through the printed page,” expressed Carlos Hernández.

Lorraine Blancovitch, Director of Marketing and Jessica Hernandez, General Manager for SHM stated: “The addition of Carlos to the team reiterates the commitment we have to our customers in pursuit of innovation, growth and exceptional service, which allows us to continue to be a leader in our industry.”

Carlos expands the sales team at Unilit by partnering with Mariana Tafura, Sales Director, Myriam Macri, Sales Associate and Elisa Ginoris, Sales Associate.

“I feel overjoyed to have Carlos back home with us and consider him to be a key member of our sales team. His professionalism, charisma and experience in the industry make him the ideal partner in distributing our products to the Spanish speaking world”, said Mariana Tafura.

SHM’s management feels very optimistic about this new addition to their team and is ready to take on the future challenges of this ever changing industry while maintaining the vision that has distinguished them for more than four decades.

Contact: Lorraine Blancovitch, Unilit | Spanish House Ministries  (305) 592-6136