Butterfly Box

Butterfly Box–a monthly subscription box for Christian women–is designed to help women transform their faith, renew their spirit, and pursue Jesus more wholeheartedly.  The mission of Butterfly Box is to help women stay centered on Jesus and grow in their faith while giving back to the cause of Christ. They do this by offering faith-based products to women monthly. Each subscription box includes four to six handpicked, high-quality items, such as books, devotionals, journals, decor, jewelry, self-care items, and gifts. 

FrontGate Media was hired to come alongside Butterfly Box to promote their subscription boxes through our Women’s Blogger Network. The campaign took place over 6 weeks with reviews posting in the first two weeks of October and a follow-up report at the end of the month. The goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and leads. 

Target Audience

Our ideal audience was Christian women between the ages of 25-65 who use, or would be interested in using, faith-based products and who could likely afford a monthly subscription to such a service. 


The campaign utilized FrontGate Media’s proprietary Women’s Blogger Network, our partnership with a large number of women bloggers who have a substantial Christian following on social media and blogging networks and included pitching, confirming, and facilitating the bloggers to go through the review process the posting of their reviews along with a giveaway lead gen on Instagram and Facebook. 

These bloggers received a Butterfly Box for free and, in return, wrote about their experience, highlighting the contents of the box. By talking about Butterfly Box on their own blog and social media pages, these bloggers promoted Butterfly Box to their followers. 


The results of this campaign were amazing:

Total Impressions: 1,953,311

Total Blogs: 76

Total Social Media Posts: 280

Total Email Leads: 591

The first success is the increase in brand awareness for Butterfly Box. With nearly 2 million impressions from an investment of just $2500, Butterfly Box has drastically expanded their reach, and awareness of their brand has skyrocketed through this campaign. 

Secondly, with email leads nearing 600, Butterfly Box walked away from this promotion with a solid list of warm leads from interested women. From here, they will be able to further promote their product to this already interested and engaged audience to increase their subscription sales. 

Through our campaign, Butterfly Box achieved their goal to reach more women, helping them to grow in their faith through the contents of the subscription boxes. 

Here are two rave reviews Butterfly Box received through this campaign:

“My Butterfly Box is so inspirational and has been such a blessing to me! Each item has been put to good use, and I am getting such pleasure out of reading, writing, and praying with these items.”   – OneAshHomestead

“One thing I have learned is finding things to put around me that remind me of how wonderful God is, is one of the best things I can do. Another thing is to have a devotional I love that helps me get closer to God and also helps me learn scripture and dive deeper into my Bible. The Butterfly Box provides me with both of those things. The first box I got gave me a wonderful evening with my Bible. After I got the kids into bed, I sat down for some quality time with God. I made a nice cup of tea (from the box), got my Bible, devotional (from the box), and sat on the couch with a fluffy throw. It was such a relaxing evening and I slept so great that night.”    – Carionliving


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