ECPA's Rush To PressBullying? That’s So Not Okay! Join The Movement That’s Sweeping Across The Country

Bestselling Author Releases Highly Anticipated First Book In Debut Anti-Bullying Series And Encourages Kids, Parents and Teachers To Take Action

One out of every four students is bullied – 85% of these situations never receive intervention. Bestselling author Nancy Rue recently released So Not Okay, a fiction book for tweens that addresses bullying from the perspective of the bystander. The first book in the Mean Girl Trilogy, So Not Okay teaches invaluable lessons about self-worth and the beauty of true friendship. Rue is now asking kids, parents and teachers to take a stand against bullying and join the #SoNotOkay movement.

“This movement is about solving the problem of bullying from the inside out,” Nancy said, “and that’s going to take all of us coming together!”

Visit to join the movement, then get to work by checking these off your list:

  • Use the #SoNotOkay hashtag to promote their stance against mean girls
  • Change their profile pictures to one of the images we have created on social media (FB, Twitter etc)
  • Post one of the So Not Okay memes on Instagram or a selfie of them holding their pledge card!
  • Sign one of the So Not Okay commitment cards with friends or your youth group
  • Print and sign the Code for Respecting the Dignity of Every Human Being, just like the girls in the book
  • Print and carry tribelet cards & share them with their friends
  • Download the So Not Okay phone screen wallpapers & share them with their friends
  • Get your own So Not Okay stickers for those who join the movement (while supplies last)

To book Nancy for an interview and/or request a copy of So Not Okay contact: Katie Powell,