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BroadStreet Publishing® author Kim Crabill
launches new television series based on book

Minneapolis, MN (July 6, 2018) – BroadStreet Publishing® author Kim Crabill announces the launch of her new television series “Burdens to Blessings with Kim Crabill” on July 11, 2018 at 11:30am ET on NRB TV. The new eight-week TV series is based on her book Burdens to Blessings: Discover the Power of Your Story. The show will be broadcasted to millions of viewers in over 40 nations and will be repeated for six months.

Crabill’s book Burdens to Blessings (BroadStreet Publishing, 2016) shares her powerful true story and invites readers along her journey from shame and sadness toward healing and hope. She transparently reveals how the very things we regret the most—things we hope no one ever discovers—are what God wants to use to enrich our lives and the lives of others.

Through the new television series, Crabill hopes that women will embark on a journey of faith and discovery, finding confidence and courage to quit hiding. As they show who they really are, they will be astounded by the blessings that follow both for themselves and for those with whom they share their story.

In addition to the Burdens to Blessings book and TV series, Kim is the new radio host of “COFFEE with Kim” on Up2Me Radio. During COFFEE (Conversations of Friends of Faith to Encourage and Equip), Kim invites special guests to join her in enhancing community and opening the conversation for healing. Listeners can tune into Kim’s new podcast on Mondays at 10:00am EDT through Tune In and On Demand via podcast apps: iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

Through her Burdens to Blessings TV series, podcast, and book, Kim hopes people will receive this important message: No matter what burdens you bear—from your past or your present—God has the power to turn those burdens into blessings. If you are brave enough to be vulnerable with yourself and others, God can use your greatest pain to help you find your greatest purpose.

For more information about the new television series on NRB TV or Kim Crabill’s ministry or book, please watch this short promotional video here or visit her website her at