Bridgeway Academy Offers Mid-Semester Assistance for Students of All Ages

 As Parents and Students Begin Common Core Testing and Parent-Teacher Conferences, Bridgeway Offers Curriculums and Guides to Aid and Enhance Education Issues

Catasauqua, PA (November 18, 2013)– Across the nation, parents are experiencing a November education tradition – parent teacher conferences.  This year, in the wake of implementation of Common Core State Standards and the subsequent testing, parents may find their children struggling in new ways, and themselves unable to help them. Other parents with gifted learners may see that their children are desiring more challenges than are now offered.  Many parents don’t realize that they have a choice in their child’s education and can take back control. Bridgeway Academy, an accredited homeschool academy, has the tools and experience to help families navigate these new educational waters.

Kimberly Kulp, the Director of Product Development and Marketing for Bridgeway, states, “Every child learns differently, and now with the new Common Core standards in traditional education, additional help may be needed to help ensure kids succeed.  Bridgeway Academy is committed to the individual needs of each student and each family situation as well as helping children find and pursue their own excellence.”

As Common Core testing is just beginning, no one is really sure of its long-term educational impact.  What is known, however, is that the implementation of CCSS has resulted in a mass protest today by many parents known as “National Don’t Send Your Child To School Day.” This protest is a direct reaction to concerns regarding CCSS, concerns that many parents feel are being ignored.

In Oregon, parents are already pulling their children from math classes. Other parents and educators are challenging explicit literature they feel is inappropriate. Some Catholic schools are questioning philosophical opposing worldviews.  Even a Hofstra University Professor is challenging Common Core’s required “universal timeless interpretation of a text”.

What Bridgeway wants everyone to know is that parents have freedom and rights when it comes to their child’s education. Parents can take back control to ensure their children learn in the way they need to in order to reach their full potential. With Bridgeway Academy, it’s never too late to make a change. Mid-Year resources include:

  • Learning and teaching style assessment
  • Placement testing
  • Parental and student Support throughout the year
  • Full homeschool Program including curriculum Pre-K through 12th grade
  • Additional college preparatory assistance
  • Additional ACT and SAT preparatory assistance

Mrs. Kulp states “Treating students as individuals and knowing both how they need to learn and in what environment is the key to unlocking their potential.  At Bridgeway, we give parents the tools and support they need to set their kids up for success and take the struggle out of education. Homeschooling can work for everyone, even working parents!”

Bridgeway Academy is open to registration throughout the year with special half-year programs beginning January 1st. For more information, please call 800-863-1474 to speak with an Admissions Representative.

About Bridgeway Academy
Since 1989, Bridgeway Homeschool Academy has been meeting the market demand for freedom in education. Through a holistic approach to homeschooling that includes placement and learning style assessment, customized curriculum, parental support, college preparation and more, Bridgeway’s homeschool programs exceed state and national accreditation standards. Since their inception, over 25,000 students have achieved academic success through custom designed learning plans based on each child’s unique strengths, goals, interests and learning style. Boasting a rate of 80% of students attending college post-graduation, Bridgeway is a proven, highly customized alternative to traditional public and private education.

Bridgeway Academy: Customizing Education. Unlocking Potential

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