BRIDGEWAY ACADEMY Creates Series of Homeschooling Videos for

Video series answers questions most often asked by parents who homeschool, or who are considering homeschooling.

Catasauqua, PA – Bridgeway Academy and have created a series of nine informative videos to address frequently asked questions about homeschooling.

The easy-to-follow videos address frequently asked questions and common concerns of parents who homeschool, or who are considering homeschooling, including how to create art and science centers at home, how to establish friendships outside of the home, how to integrate athletic activities to your homeschooling routine, how to set up a homeschooling support group and how to homeschool children of different ages.

The videos can be viewed here:

Kimberly Kulp, Bridgeway Academy’s Director of Products and Curriculum, traveled to New York to create the short videos addressing the questions that had identified as most often asked by parents. Kimberly has worked in the homeschool market for 9 years developing, teaching, and marketing curriculum and has extensive knowledge of how to make homeschooling work for each unique family.

Kimberly explains, “It was an honor to partner with in creating these videos and developing strategies that we know will impact the lives of homeschooling families. Our hope is that parents realize they are more than qualified to homeschool their children and see these videos as one more tool in their homeschooling tool kit. Our goal at Bridgeway is to equip families with the curriculum, tools, and support they need to unlock the unique potential of each child through customized, flexible homeschooling. When students learn the way they need to learn and parents are free to teach using their strengths, everyone wins. The videos were a natural extension of our passion: helping families to succeed in homeschooling through championing their individuality and freeing them to pursue their own excellence.”

There are many reasons families choose to home school. Some feel trapped by the traditional education choices available in their community or are simply in a situation where a public school education is not a good fit. Some families are required to relocate often or spend significant time overseas. Others have children who are in competitive sports or the arts and need the flexibility that homeschooling allows so they can pursue excellence in both education and their extracurricular gifts. Some families are uncomfortable with the curriculum used in the public school system, and may not be in a position to pursue private education. Some children have special needs that the public school system is unable or unwilling to address. Other parents simply desire to give their children an optimal, individualized education. Bridgeway individually examines each student through placement testing and a learning style assessment that considers the needs and goals of both the child and the parent, and matches them to a curriculum that is unique for that child. chose to work with Bridgeway Academy because of its rich history in meeting the unique education needs of both parents and students. Since 1989, Bridgeway has served over 23,000 families around the globe. Created to meet the market demand for freedom in education, Bridgeway’s highly customized Pre-K through12th grade programs meet or exceed the highest accreditation standards possible. Paired with their incredible support network that acts to help reduce the fears and concerns many parents may feel regarding their teaching abilities, homeschooling is becoming a popular education alternative for all varieties of families. helps between 86-90 million users each month answer questions and get the concise information they need on over 1,000 topics. With a mission to provide users with solutions that empower them to do more with their lives, is an online leader in providing high-quality information specifically tailored to their users’ interests.

Bridgeway Academy is continuing to register students for the 2013-14 school year. For more information, please call 800-863-1474 to speak with an Admissions Representative.

About Bridgeway Academy:
Since 1989, Bridgeway Homeschool Academy has been meeting the market demand for freedom in education. Through a holistic approach to homeschooling that includes customized curriculum, parental support, online tutoring, college prep testing and more, Bridgeway’s homeschool programs exceed state and national accreditation standards. Since it’s inception, over 20,000 students have achieved education success through custom designed learning plans based on each child’s unique strengths, goals, interests and learning style. Boasting a rate of 80% of students attending college post graduation, Bridgeway is a proven, highly customized alternative to traditional public and private education.

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