Brand Bowl 2011There was a lot for me and the rest of the world to comment about in the #Brandbowl discussion on Twitter during the Superbowl, and comment I did!   Here are two quick thoughts on one winner and one loser from the Superbowl commericials.  You can check out the full Brand Bowl at

WINNER: VW’s Passat Darth Vader Spot
This spot was clearly the massive fan favorite. It was the winner not only in emotional engagement, but also in rollout strategy. VW wisely released the ad before the Superbowl and received a ton of the highest possible media coverage while their story resonated so strongly with consumers that they sparked a viral wave getting posted across the social networks. Flash forward to today, and you’ll see a rich media VW Passat ad at the top of YouTube’s home page.  Nicely done!   It was also GREAT to finally see an American Dad/guy depicted in a positive light!!! I’m sure that virtually no one rushed out to immediately buy a Passat today, but the brand certainly made an impact in awareness that can put them in the possible choice set for people who are or soon will be in car buying mode. Enjoy it again on YouTube

LOSER: Snickers’ Barr & Lewis Spot
Their previous Betty White / Abe Vigoda  campaign was a massive success; Roseanne Barr & Richard Lewis, not so much.  Lesson learned: don’t simply rehash last year’s idea for your ad.  Watch it again, if you must, at or better yet, watch the Betty White & Abe Vigoda ad from 2010 at

Which ones caught your attention?