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Books & Such Literary Management celebrates 25 years serving
the Christian publishing industry

Santa Rosa, CA – Books & Such Literary Management, which was founded by innovator Janet Kobobel Grant in 1996, is celebrating 25 years serving its authors and the Christian publishing industry.

Grant says, “From the outset, I saw the agency as bigger than one person. That’s part of the reason I didn’t use my name for the agency. And I envisioned the possibility of dipping our toes into publishing-associated ventures, not necessarily just books. Only two other agencies focused on the Christian market when Books & Such began, and neither was headed by a woman. That left me feeling there was plenty of room to create what I envisioned.”

She adds, “As time went on, it became apparent that Books & Such was instinctively headed toward being women-centric. Since most readers are women, we brought a sensibility as to what those readers were yearning for in their books.”

The six Books & Such literary agents (Wendy Lawton, Rachel Kent, Cynthia Ruchti, Barb Roose, Mary DeMuth, and Grant) currently serve more than 200 clients and sell hundreds of projects each year. In 2020, five of the six agents exceeded their individual yearly sales goals.

“Sometimes it seems as though I’ve grown up with Books & Such,” notes Vicki Crumpton, Executive Editor of Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. “I barely remember a time in my career before Janet and then Wendy and then the wonderful team that’s come together over the years. Books & Such curates a fabulous stable of authors, cares for them and their proposals like family members,” Crumpton says, “and always makes my role as an acquiring editor a pleasure. They are absolutely Top Shelf in every way. Congratulations on the first 25 years…and here’s to many, many more.”

Among its year-long celebratory events, Books & Such is conducting a writing contest for unagented writers. Additionally, the team of agents will meet for a working retreat in the Sonoma, California, area. Whimsical polls and contests are ongoing with the Books & Such clients as well as bimonthly educational webinars.

With 25 years to celebrate, Books & Such Literary Management and its leader, Janet Grant, look ahead to continue serving its authors, the industry, and the reading community well.

Books & Such Literary Management