Book Promotion Podcast Tour Service Case Study

Why Everything That Doesn’t Matter, Matters So Much: The Way of Love in a World of Hurt by multi-Grammy winner Charlie Peacock and his wife and author, Andi Ashworth, dives deep into the often overlooked aspects of life that hold significant emotional weight. Through moving storytelling and insightful reflections, the authors explore how our attachments to seemingly trivial matters can reveal profound truths about our desires, fears, and capacity for love. This book challenges readers to reframe their perspectives, urging them to find deeper meaning and purpose in the midst of everyday distractions and societal pressures. By embracing a way of love, Charlie and Andi offer a transformative path toward healing and connection in a world filled with pain and superficiality.

FrontGate Media was hired to help promote Charlie and Andi’s new book through our Podcast Tour Service, where we strategically scheduled their appearances on top Christian podcasts to reach a broader audience, amplify their message, and drive book sales through engaging and heartfelt conversations.


Why Everything That Doesn’t Matter, Matters So Much is written for adults interested in Christian-based content. The book dives into deep topics, such as the search for meaning amidst life’s distractions, the importance of love and connection in personal growth, and navigating emotional and spiritual challenges in a fractured world. Because of this, we reached out to Christian podcast hosts with an audience interested in such topics. 


We pitched our existing group of 400+ vetted Christian podcasters to secure interviews that would reach Charlie and Andi’s audience. We also built relationships with podcast hosts beyond our network, targeting those whose audience would be interested in hearing their stories and learning about the book.

We booked interviews, selected discussion topics with the hosts, and confirmed all details before briefing Charlie and Andi on the topics and any pre-interview preparation needed. After recording, we followed up to confirm release dates, thank the hosts, and collect links to the shows. Finally, we completed the campaign by providing a report listing the shows, their reach, and links to the content for further promotion.


Our Podcast Tour Service delivered impressive outcomes for Charlie and Andi’s book promotion campaign.

  • Total Podcasters Solicited: 830
  • Podcast Interviews Booked: 29
  • Audience Exposure (podcast listeners and social followings): 1,680,953

Some of the most notable podcasts booked for Charlie and Andi were Becoming Outlaws with 40,000 listeners, Naked Marriage with 31,000 listeners, and Raising Boys & Girls with 41,000 listeners. By engaging our Podcast Tour Service, Charlie and Andi were able to experience the many benefits of appearing as guests on Christian podcasts.

From reaching new audiences to telling their story in an authentic way, they saw their brand’s visibility skyrocket. The podcast appearances allowed them to deeply connect with listeners who shared their values, resulting in increased trust and loyalty. Also, these episodes will continue to draw in new followers long after their initial release, amplifying Charlie and Andi’s message and driving book sales indefinitely. 

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