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Book Manufacturer’s Institute announces new event,
Book Manufacturing Mastered

New conference will bring together publishers, manufacturers, and other pieces of the value chain to help educate those involved in making the printed book

[ORMOND BEACH, FL—October 7, 2019] The Book Manufacturers’ Institute (BMI), has announced that it will be launching a new event focused on helping production staffs of publishers learn more about the latest in printed book manufacturing. The event, Book Manufacturing Mastered, will be held February 10-11, 2020 at the New York Marriott East Side.

Book Manufacturing Mastered will cover key topic areas such as pre-press, workflow, finishing, offset and digital processes, paper, distribution and logistics. The conference is geared toward those new to book printing as well as those experienced professionals looking to learn the latest industry trends.

Executive Director of BMI Matt Baehr said, “Book manufacturing may be a centuries old endeavor, but new innovations are constantly occurring in the industry. We feel, that as the trade association dedicated to the production of the physical book, it is our duty to help keep the publishing industry informed of the latest and greatest, so that they may continue to create timeless works that will be enjoyed by all.”

Besides BMI, the event has a number of association partners, including: the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), the American Association of Publishers (AAP), the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), and the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA).

BMI President Jim Fetherston said, “As manufacturers, we are constantly communicating with our publishers on specific projects. But this new event gives the manufacturing community a chance to speak to all the various pieces of the puzzle when printing a book. Having all the publishing association partners that we do just goes to show the collaborative nature of the industry, as well as the need for continuing education on the production side of things.”

Monday February 10 will kick off with a presentation in the afternoon on digital print-on-demand technology. There will also be a session on how publishers can find the right fit in choosing their print partners. Publishers will have a chance to meet various printers and industry partners as well. Tuesday February 11 will feature numerous sessions on various topics within the life cycle of a printed book.

A call for speakers will be made in the near future. In addition, there are several sponsorship opportunities for Book Manufacturing Mastered for those looking for additional involvement.

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About the Book Manufacturer’s Institute
The Book Manufacturers’ Institute is a not-for profit trade organization that supports book manufacturing leaders in their work to drive the promotion, efficiency, and growth of book markets for readers and educators in North America. Since 1933, BMI has provided tremendous value to its member companies and others associated with the book manufacturing industry. BMI member companies range from full-service book manufacturers to those specializing in the digital print market, specialty binderies, component printers, packagers, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers of a variety of materials and services.

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