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Book Fun – March 2016a0b86ed0-d629-4e37-b2fd-680898b76128

This is the week to reserve and deliver your digital ad and link for The Book Club Network’s Book Fun May issue.

Book Fun is where book club leaders and members discover new books… and new authors!

to reserve your space

To read the March 2016 issue, click the cover…

Ala Carte Pricing & Discount Package

Quarter-page ad (3.75″ x 4.875″)………..….. $600
Half-page horizontal (7.875″ x 4.875″) …..……. $800
Full-page (Full Bleed 8.625″ x 11″) …………………$1,500
Inside front (Page 1 and 2 Full Bleed 8.625″ x 11″) … $1,800 (if available)
Back cover (Page 1 and 2 Full Bleed 8.625″ x 11″) ……. $1,600 (if available)


  1. COLUMN by your author to be featured in the magazine. (We offer free consulting for you about what to write that will have the most effective reach. This is the biggest response asset we sell – when used as we suggest.)
  2. FULL PAGE AD & LINK in the magazine.
  3. ENGAGE with reviewers through our custom page where the author and publisher can see reviews.
  4. WE CREATE a “READERS ONLY GROUP” around the book/author for reviews and promotions within our community and everywhere books are sold.
  5. HOST a chat forum. As part of the forum, we assign reviewers who will post reviews wherever books are sold. [Note: this is not an author chat.]
  6. COORDINATE 30 BOOK REVIEWS.  We provide addresses for our reviewers for (20 books and 10 eBooks) to receive book reviews.

Annual partner packages also available. 
These packages can reduce your cost by 50% or more. Please inquire.


Who’s in Book Fun’s May issue?

COVER STORY: Jordan Rubin

Partial list of articles & columns (subject to change):

  • God Does Give Us More Than We Can Handle by Courtney Walsh
  • Something More by David Diga Hernandez
  • Living a Romance Novel by Anne Garboczi Evans
  • Dare to Believe the Lost Colony is Found by Heather Blanton
  • Researching Blacksmithing by Laura V. Hilton
  • From Infertility to Triplets +two by Jeremiah Johnston
  • Mud, Doors and Windows by Gregory Hines
  • Tsunami by Holly Michael
  • You Are Becoming a Divine Masterpiece by Marion Pyle
  • …and much more.

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