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Book about how to listen to sermons sells
over 100,000 copies

Purcellville, VA—Why on earth does anyone need a guide on how to listen to sermons? Don’t we simply need to be there and stay awake? The fact is, much more is involved in truly listening to Bible teaching than just sitting and staring at the preacher. Jesus said: “Consider carefully how you listen.”  

Listen Up! A Practical Guide to Listening to Sermons (The Good Book Company, May 2009) by Christopher Ash was written to meet the need for resources that help Christians listen well, and has now sold 120,000 copies worldwide.

This short book outlines seven ingredients for healthy listening, deals with how to respond to bad sermons (dull, biblically inadequate, or even heretical ones), and provides practical ideas for helping and encouraging our Bible teachers to give sermons that will really help us to grow as Christians. R. Kent Hughes, who pastored College Church in Wheaton, IL for many years says Listen Up! “provides crucial theology and practical advice about listening that can make the difference between life and death in the church.”

Year after year, churches continue to buy Listen Up! in bulk to give away, with the aim of helping their congregations learn how to listen properly, so that through his word, God will make his people more and more Christ-like. “We give Listen Up! to all our new members,” says Mark Dever, Senior Pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC.

To enable churches to give away copies of Listen Up!, bulk pricing as low as $1 per copy is available on the publisher’s website,

Christopher Ash is a pastor, author and writer in residence at Tyndale House, Cambridge, England. His other titles include Zeal without Burnout (The Good Book Company, Mar 2016) and Where Was God When That Happened? (The Good Book Company, Feb 2017).

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