Blogger Case Study for CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible

The CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible was designed to help women of all ages study God’s Word in a new, exciting way. It includes an in-depth collection of inspirational articles, as well as devotional commentary to enhance the Bible-reading experience. With a modern design and supportive content, this new Bible seeks to help women dive deeper into God’s Word to experience life-changing revelation and impact other women in their lives.

FrontGate Media was hired to promote the CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible through our Christian Women Bloggers Network, Christian Influencer Group and a small Special Offer Email. The goal was to increase exposure and awareness of the Bible, as well as drive sales by directing people to the purchase link.  

Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign was Christian women of all ages looking to deepen their understanding of God’s Word. The campaign sought to engage women in all walks of life who would be interested in reading the CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible. 


FrontGate Media utilized Christian influencers and bloggers to promote the CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible to women across multiple platforms. 22 bloggers and 29 influencers were given copies of the Bible and asked to read, review and post about it for their followers. The 22 bloggers were tasked with writing in-depth reviews on their personal platforms, and the 29 influencers were asked to create engaging social media content about the Bible. Together, these individuals played a significant role in marketing the Bible, generating interest and sales.


The bloggers and influencers loved the CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible and passionately promoted it to their followers. The blogger and influencer campaigns generated nearly 1,000,000 combined impressions and over 43,000 social engagements. Additionally, we tracked 251 clicks to the purchase link, and collected 387 Email Leads, which doesn’t consider the countless women who went to their preferred online retailers such as Amazon, Google or any Christian retailer to purchase the Bible after seeing the social posts.

Christian Women Bloggers Results

Each Christian blogger wrote a review of the Bible on their blogging platform and included a link to our giveaway promotion. They then shared their reviews on social media platforms to increase readership. Most bloggers promoted their reviews on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, generating excellent results. 

  • Total Bloggers: 22
  • Total Engagement: 22,770
  • Total Impressions: 427,171
  • Email Leads: 387 (total of Bloggers & Email below) 

CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible Blogger Review

Christian Influencer Group Results

Each Christian influencer created Instagram posts and reels to promote the CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible to their followers and non-followers. Some influencers cross-promoted this content on other social platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest. These efforts generated significant engagement. 

  • Total Influencers: 29
  • Total Engagement: 20,688
  • Total Impressions: 429,797

CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible Influencer Review

Email Campaign Results

In addition to the blog and social media efforts, FrontGate Media captured interest via a direct email marketing campaign that resulted in over 200 clicks to the Bible email capture page.

  • Email Sent: 9,630
  • Opens: 2,314 (24%)
  • Clicks: 230 (2.39%) 

Overall, the blogger and influencer campaigns exceeded our hopes for reaching Christian women and increasing sales. Because social media and website content is relevant for weeks and months once published, these efforts will continue to generate sales for the CSB Lifeway Women’s Bible.

Are you interested in using our Christian Women Bloggers Network and Christian Influencer Group to help promote your latest product? Let’s talk about your options!