You Are Loved Collection from Warner Press, Christian Blogger Campaign Case StudyThe You Are Loved Collection from Warner Press is a thoughtfully curated collection of products featuring encouragement and soul-affirming messages from God’s heart.

It includes a 4×4 Scripture Card Set with 52 beautifully designed cards, a matching Scripture Writing Journal with 108 pages to fill, the You Are Loved Boxed Card Set with 12 uplighting messages to encourage others, and a lovely floral bookmark for an added dose of inspiration. Together, this collection offers people the opportunity to reflect on God’s Word, find inspiration, encourage others, and grow in their faith.

FrontGate Media was hired to promote the You Are Loved Collection through our Christian Women’s Blogger Network, generating awareness and sales through a product review and giveaway campaign. 


The You Are Loved Collection elegantly showcases exquisite floral designs across every item, curated with the intent to captivate and delight women across all age groups. Therefore, the audience for this campaign was Christian women and those looking for a faith-based gift for the women in their lives. 


FrontGate Media’s proprietary Christian Women’s Blogger Network was the ideal group to promote the You Are Loved Collection from women to women. This vibrant community of bloggers shares a common faith and a passion for spreading positivity and God’s love. Each blogger received the You Are Loved Collection and was tasked with writing an in-depth blog post about the pieces and promoting a discount code and giveaway opportunity. Our bloggers went above and beyond by posting about the product on their Instagram pages in the form of posts, stories, and reels. 

Through these efforts, our bloggers shared personal stories and experiences related to the products, creating authentic content their followers could relate to. They also facilitated discussions around the Collection’s themes–love, self-worth, and faith–fostering a sense of community and connection among their readers. Given the shared values of the bloggers and their audiences, the Collection resonated deeply with the blogger’s followers, resulting in high engagement rates and positive responses from the community. 


This campaign generated awareness, engagement, and sales for the You Are Loved Collection:

  • Bloggers: 30
  • Social Reactions (like, comments, shares): 3,555
  • Impressions (views): 510,850
  • Website Clicks: 229
  • Email Leads Collected: 721

The success of the You Are Loved Collection campaign highlights the power of targeted marketing and the importance of aligning product messaging with the values and interests of the target audience.

4 Benefits of Targeted Marketing to the Christian Audience

  1. Tailored Communication: Targeted marketing enables Christian marketers to craft messages that are tailored specifically for their audience. This means your communications will resonate deeply with your audience’s values, beliefs, and lifestyle. It’s like having a one-on-one conversation with each member of your audience, making your messages more meaningful and impactful.
  2. Resource Optimization: With targeted marketing, every effort you make and every dollar you spend is aimed at those most likely to respond positively. This ensures your resources–time, money, creativity–are used efficiently and effectively, bringing you the best possible return on investment.
  3. Stronger Relationships: By aligning your product messaging with the values and interests of your audience, you’re not just selling a product or service; you’re connecting on a deeper level. This can foster stronger, more meaningful relationships with your audience, increasing loyalty and long-term customer engagement.
  4. Increased Relevance: In an age where consumers are bombarded with marketing messages, relevance is key. Targeted marketing helps ensure your messages are relevant to your audience, increasing the likelihood they’ll pay attention, engage, and, ultimately, convert.

Aligning your product messaging with your audience’s values and interests isn’t just about improving sales; it’s about building trust, respect, and authenticity in your brand. Do you want to promote your product, service, or opportunity to Christian women? Contact us today to get started today with our Christian Women’s Blogger Network!