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Case Study: Project Inspired Book Club – I’m No Angel by Kylie Bisutti

projectinspiredbookclub-kyliebisuttiLocated in Carol Stream, Illinois, Tyndale House Publishers was founded in 1962 and publishes Christian fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and other resources, including Bibles in the New Living Translation (NLT). Tyndale products include many New York Times best sellers, including the popular Left Behind fiction series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, novels by Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury and Joel C. Rosenberg, plus numerous nonfiction works. (Source:

Why They Engaged FrontGate

Tyndale House Publishers consistently engages FrontGate to create discovery for their various authors and books because of our strong reach to book readers and various Christian author and featured Christian book programs.   For this campaign, the project was Kylie Bisutti’s “I’m No Angel. They wanted a very targeted and specific connection to create engagement with Christian teen girls. In December 2011, 21-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Kylie Bisutti stunned the fashion industry when she chose faith over fame and fortune and made the switch from supermodel to role model.  In I’m No Angel, Kylie shares her story–from her early years struggling to make it big in the cut-throat world of modeling, her “big break” winning the Victoria’s Secret Runway Angel competition, and the disillusionment and spiritual warfare that followed, to the moment she realized that she could no longer reconcile her career with her Christian beliefs, surrendered her life to God, said goodbye to the runway, and dedicated her life to preaching a message of modesty and inner beauty.

Target Audience

Project Inspired by Nicole Weider

The target audience for this campaign was primarily young women, particularly teen girls. Nicole Weider’s, a FrontGate Web Network site, is the biggest community of Christian teen girls on the web.  Project Inspired is a leader in reaching teen girls aged 11-17, with an average age of 15.  FrontGate’s Engagement Specialist matched this book with The Project Inspired Book Club, providing an opportunity to reach young women who are being bombarded by the media’s portrayal of beauty, and to give an inside look at the realities of the modeling world (spray tanning, excessive makeup, dieting). The author and campaign sought to give girls a broader perception of beauty by recognizing their worth in Christ and the true beauty that is found there.

Campaign Details

The campaign ran for a one month period and included a comprehensive set of consumer touch points including social media posts with quotes from the book, spotlight sections in the Project Inspired newsletters, a featured article in the blog, a dedicated email blast, and a month long Facebook  event.  The goals were to create discovery and engagement for the book and awareness for the author.


- Total impressions 50,000+.
- 751 I’m No Angel article page views, with average time spent on page at 1:37 minutes.
- E-blast to 13, 805 recipients, 16.6% open rate and 10.1 CTR.
- Featured in Project Inspired 
newsletter 13, 976 recipients, 14.9% open rate.
- Featured in four “Nicole’s Notes” newsletters: over 13,000 recipients, 15-17%  open rates.
- Four Facebook posts featuring quotes from the book received 120-368 “likes” each.

Project Inspired offered a perfect way to target this on-line centered audience. We like that Project Inspired offered a variety of ways to reach the girls on their site, which increased our responses.”

-Maria Erikson, Senior Director of Marketing, Tyndale House

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Case Study – Amanda Noelle and Save the City Records

Save The City Records

Christian singer/songwriter Amanda Noelle’s soulful songs are directed at encouraging the lives of young women. She has opened up for the likes of Mandisa and Natalie Grant, as well as touring with Building 429.  According to Amanda, “I want people to know there’s a God who loves them – cares for them – and created them to be amazing.” She is currently represented by Save the City Records, which launched in 2009, and whose current roster includes artists like Holly Starr, Circleslide, and Brandon Bee.

Why They Engaged FrontGate

Save the City Records reached out to FrontGate for assistance in Christian advertising to boost awareness for Amanda Noelle’s music and brand. When trying to break a new artist into the Christian music scene, you have to generate awareness for the artist and most importantly get their songs heard.  Save the City was seeking to do exactly that.

Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign was primarily active Christian music fans who had not yet heard of Amanda, in particular, young women who share a connection to her message; fans who are familiar with similar artists similar in style, and very active in the discovery of new music.  FrontGate’s Web Network includes the leading sites in music and entertainment, so with a very focused budget, we recommended New Release Tuesday which features upcoming releases and reviews of current radio/touring artists, as a good fit to find her ideal music fan.

Campaign Details

amandanoelleThe campaign ran from 8/20/2013 to 9/16/2013 on as an NRT Editorial Content Ad. These 300×250 ads share space with NRT’s vast editorial music news and interviews with artists.

 The goals were:

- To create brand awareness for her name and music. (As a new artist, getting noticed is the biggest challenge).

- Stimulate sales. The click-through rate is the key indicator that you’ve connected to a potential new fan to drive sales.


With 180,000 impressions booked,’s traffic for the month was extremely high resulting in 214,463 impressions actually provided. That’s an extra 25,000 impressions over delivered.

Banner Clicks: 1,951 Clicks

The click through rate was an outstanding 0.91% CTR based on total impression, but if you look at the paid impressions, click through was 1.08%!

These click through rates are double what is typically seen for this space, making this well-designed ad one of the best performing ads of the 2013 year to date.  

This one – two punch of a well-designed ad delivered to the right target audience delivered excellent results.

 “As always, FrontGate is a one-stop shop for providing our advertising needs for the faith-based market. They are easy to work with and have the advertising outlets we need.”
- Derek Hoiem, Save The City Records

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Case Study – National Day of Prayer Task Force Social Media


The National Day of Prayer Task Force is a privately funded non-profit organization that exists to help instigate the practice of prayer among Americans, and “encourage personal repentance and righteousness in the culture” (National Day of Prayer Task Force, 2013). The National Day of Prayer was instituted by Congress and President Truman in 1952, and in 1988, President Reagan amended it to be the first Thursday in May. The Task Force is led by Mrs. Shirley Dobson, and desires to help spread awareness about this day of prayer and encourage participation in the event.

Why They Engaged FrontGate

The National Day of Prayer Task Force brought in FrontGate to help them grow their social media audience on Facebook.  When they came to us, their Facebook page had 157,000 fans, and they were seeking growth in engagement and reach.

Target Audience

The National Day of Prayer organization wanted a way to connect with many more individuals throughout the United States that would come alongside and bolster support for various events around the country, their overall mission, and for the organization in general. As theirwebsite states, “The National Day of Prayer belongs to all Americans. It is a day that transcends differences, bringing together citizens from all backgrounds” (National Day of Prayer Task Force).

Campaign Details

FrontGate began with a detailed examination of the current faith-based Facebook audience and posting engagement for the client. We then constructed a Facebook posting schedule that was derived from the highest levels of engagement with their followers.  Next we began curating appropriate content to develop a content strategy to make recommendations that would be a good match for the style and tone of their page with their audience.  FrontGate identified the best potential audiences for growth of their support and fans, and then established and executed targeted ad campaigns.


-44% growth rate in the first 45 days.

-As of this posting, the page has increased to 226,190 Facebook likes with 41,581 people talking about it.

“I started working with FrontGate and immediately our numbers started going through the roof. In just three weeks, our Facebook page grew from 157,000 to over 204,000 (a 30% increase!). Not only does FrontGate deliver results, they’re a pleasure to work with. If you’re not already working with FrontGate, give them a call. They truly care about the work you’re doing, and they work hard to help you reach your goals and have a successful campaign.”

- Jamie Stahler, Director of Strategic Communication, National Day of Prayer Task Force.

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Case Study: PrayerBowls Sales Via Social Media

Prayer BowlsPrayerBowls is a ministry and online retail store that began with one woman’s illness. Karen found herself extremely sick a few years ago,and she began to experience healing due to prayers from friends, family, and even people she’d never met. She developed PrayerBowls after one woman shared her story about how she intentionally prayed for needs in her church and community. Karen decided to make the concept of PrayerBowls a tangible one.  Her primary goal was to increase the amount of intentional prayer, by creating a special “bowl” and prayer cards to write down needs of those in need of prayer.

Why They Engaged FrontGate
The PrayerBowls company contacted FrontGate when they were searching for a way to enhance their social media and marketing presence. They wanted a company who would understand their faith-based market, and who had a proven track record of helping reach and reel in target audiences in the faith-based audience. FrontGate has been helping clients increase their platforms through social media since 2007.  Since their primary audience was women (see below), they also were comfortable with the fact that FrontGate has successfully helped companies that target a largely female audience, such as Sonoma Christian Home and Project Inspired.

Target Audience
The company wanted to connect with spiritually mature women who would see the Prayer Bowl as a way to take their prayer life to another, deeper level.

“So many times we hear of a prayer request at church, Bible study, or even through email, and we pray for that person at that time. Often, we quickly forget to offer a prayer again while we shuffle back into our daily routine, but God tells us to pray continuously. So, simply place your prayer bowl where you sit daily, and jot down the names of those whom you’re praying for on a slip of paper. Then, each day, alone or with your family, lift up those friends in need to the Lord.”

Campaign Details
After strategic discussions with the company, FrontGate decided to focus on growing their Facebook audience through images and text content creation that would appeal to the target audience, and several different Facebook ads to reel in their core demographic. Before the start of the campaign (before Mother’s Day), the company had zero sales the debut week, and 50 Facebook fans.  The initial campaign goal was to grow the page likes, and to promote sales of the product itself, the physical PrayerBowl.


  • During Mother’s Day week we generated 150+ bowls sold.
  • Their Following grew from 50 fans to over 8,000 in less than 60 days.
  • We generated a 1000% increase in engagement with the brand via comments, likes and sharing of our posts created for them on Facebook.
  • …and still growing with 15,811 likes  and 6,399 talking about this as of today’s posting of this case study.

During the campaign, the client quickly saw results, and was excited to share with us about things like, “Yesterday we received 76 likes and 18 shares.  We were not getting shares at all.  Whatever you all are doing, keep doing it.” - Tom B. @ 

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Case Study – Actors, Models & Talent for Christ (AMTC)

amtcActors, Models & Talent for Christ (AMTC) is a movement to launch stars who are also role models in the entertainment industry. AMTC’s program includes education and a six-day conference that happens twice a year in Orlando, Florida.  AMTC serves as a bridge between performers who love God and career-making agents actively working in the entertainment industry.  Their success is evident from the roster of working talent involved with organization.

AMTC desired to increase their number of participants at 25-plus regional audition events all across the country. They selected FrontGate to expand awareness of and drive more talent to their audition events.

Why AMTC Uses FrontGate

“We were extremely impressed with the results we achieved through partnering with FrontGate. By tapping into FrontGate’s wide array of databases and by being able to specifically target particular regions of the country where we were needing greater participation for our auditions, we were able to collect a wide selection of incredible talent. Thanks to FrontGate, we were able to discover some of the best talent from across the country, and I can’t wait to see how God uses this group of talented actors, singers and models to change the world for His glory.”
–  Adam She, Executive Director AMTC

Target Audience

The target audience for the AMTC auditions were actors, models, singers, dancers and comedians who feel a calling from God to perform; people who want to perform, make a difference and be a light. Auditions were open for every talent level from beginners to professionals, ages 4-84.


AMTC’s biggest challenge was obtaining a cross-section of talent from a variety of states. With offices in Georgia and Texas, AMTC needed a way to reach out to talent across the country in an efficient manner to promote auditions in specific areas for those wanting to pursue a career in the arts while glorifying God.

The FrontGate Campaign

FrontGate’s focused in via our ad network to deliver geo-targeted advertising for AMTC, while also writing and servicing  a national press release to draw broad attention through media outlets across the country.  AMTC  selected the 100,000 email annual volume discount package for direct email, which brought their cost down to only 5 cents per email. FrontGate has regional capabilities with our segmentable direct email database via, Human Events, and more, and through the geo-targeted banner advertising options in our ad network on,,, and, as well as Pay Per Click in the U.S. and globally across 196 countries in any language.


By targeting direct email ads to Christians in 22 of the 25 key cities and the surrounding areas, AMTC received outstanding open rates well above industry averages on their direct email ads, driving awareness and attendance at these events. The star of the campaign proved to be the direct email database.

The average open rate across all 20+ sends was a very high 25%, with click thrus from opens at 4.6%.

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Case Study – pureHOPE Internship Program

pureHOPE is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide Christian solutions in today’s sexualized culture. pureHOPE equips individuals, families, and churches to pursue sexual purity and oppose sexual exploitation.

Each year, pureHOPE offers a compelling summer internship designed to train a team of undergraduate students who are passionate and active in opposition to one of the great evils of our day – sex trafficking.

It is estimated that as many as 300,000 children in America are victims of sex trafficking each year. The organization welcomes applications from Christian students from all educational focuses who desire the opportunity to spend a summer understanding the connections between trafficking, porn, our sexualized culture, and what it means to pursue a lifestyle of justice.

This year, pureHOPE partnered with FrontGate Media to expand their reach of applicants.

Why pureHOPE Used FrontGate Media

“We engaged FrontGate to promote our justice internship, which trains college students as effective anti-trafficking activists and advocates for justice and purity. Not only did FrontGate deliver audience and increase our visibility now, they personally reached out to their nationwide network to help us cultivate partnerships that will advance our mission for years into the future. When you engage FrontGate Media, they become more than just an extension of your team, they become friends and co-laborers who go the extra mile.”
–  Noel Bouché, President of pureHOPE

Target Audience

The target audience for internship applicants was college students interested in social justice causes and looking for an internship where they can be a part of an organization combating the sex trade.


pureHOPE’s biggest challenge was the means to reach college students nationwide who might be interested in applying for their summer internship. By partnering with FrontGate Media, they had access to personal contacts at colleges around the country and media outlets with an interest in social justice issues, expanding their reach and brand awareness.

The FrontGate Media Campaign

Through the partnership with pureHOPE, FrontGate serviced a press release promoting the internship as well as a video via PRWEB. In addition, a personal email was serviced to key contacts on FrontGate’s Christian colleges  list. Colleges all around the country responded back with interest that was followed up by the internship director at pureHOPE.  For many colleges, this was the first time they had connected with the ministry.


pureHOPE narrowed the submissions received to 20 internship applications from very qualified candidates enabling pureHOPE to not only fill all the available positions, but because of the quality of the applicants, they were able to expand to five paid interns this year instead of the four they have trained in past years. Their interns hail from universities spanning the U.S., including University of Michigan, Southeastern Oklahoma State, Oklahoma State, Taylor University and University of Virginia.

“Our partnership with FrontGate Media exceeded our expectations. They went the extra mile to promote our internship and opened doors for us with so many universities that we could not have reached on our own,” says pureHOPE Director of Communications Michelle Ashley. “Our anti-trafficking internship is a very unique opportunity and requires students that are passionate about this work. FrontGate Media’s excellent work on our behalf helped us connect with these students. We couldn’t be happier about our experience with them and the results achieved.”

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Case Study – Jesus Film Media App Launch

Jesus Film Media LogoJesus Film Media exists to aid The JESUS Film Project® in accomplishing the goal of creating and providing media tools that share Jesus with everyone in his or her own heart language. Since the original “JESUS” film was released in 1979 by Campus Crusade for Christ, the film has been seen by more than 6 billion people in every country in the world and translated into more than 1,100 languages. Over the course of its life, more than 200 million people have indicated that they made decisions for Christ after viewing the film.

To keep up with changes in technology and make the Gospel accessible to as many people as possible, Cooke Pictures/Jesus Film Media launched an app whose features allow users to search a broad database of video clips (64,000 videos representing 1,100 languages) and easily share videos on any personal or mobile device, with friends or via social media. As part of the national launch, Cooke Pictures and Jesus Film Media teamed up with the FrontGate Media group to create downloads for the free app.

Target Audience

Cooke Pictures Logo

The Jesus Film Media app has broad appeal because of the very nature of the Gospel. FrontGate Media helped them to target church leaders and mission-minded Christians.


The challenge in designing this campaign was also its best asset–the app’s broad appeal. With a goal to reach as many Christians as possible, the possibilities were endless. The key was to discern the mix of outlets that would reach the broadest audiences, while honing in on the right constituents most likely to download the app for use in personal and small group study, Sunday School lessons, congregational worship services or personal evangelism.

The FrontGate Media Campaign

We designed a broad advertising campaign within the FrontGate Media ad network, with a combination of direct emails, site skins, web site banners, mobile advertising, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, email newsletter ads, and special customized touches that targeted mission-minded Christians from our monthly audience of 10 million people, via our sites, and 6 million email subscribers. Over the two-month campaign, FrontGate Media group delivered  more than 12,000,000 combined impressions across all forms of digital media.  The key outlets that were targeted include:

  • JFM Mobile App
  • Christian Leadership Database
  • HM Digital
  • Spirit West Coast Festival
  • Kingdom Bound Festival
  • Christian Musician Summit


The campaign, which ran in various stages from November 1-March 20, yielded a total of 133, 570 app downloads to date, of which FrontGate was the largest contributor of click-thrus. That included iOS with 75,062 and Android with 58,508 downloads.

FrontGate Media’s audience provided connection to a wide range of core Christians and church leaders throughout their high-engagement web sites and events. and rose to the top as the best performers across the board, surprising the advertiser with the reach to their niche audiences.’s Direct Email list ranked as the #1 most responsive subscriber list in the campaign coming in with an amazing 25% open rate and 13% click thru rate!

Meanwhile, the HM Digital Mobile Tech feature performed way above average, and a dedicated HTML  blast to the Christian Leadership Screenings Database generated a 10.24% click-thru rate.

All of these results are evidence that matching your product to the appropriate target audience will result in higher opens and higher CTR.

Direct email at all levels was one of the most powerful marketing tools throughout this campaign.’s direct email eblast saw over 15,000 opens, reiterating the site’s top performing reach and engagement with their audience.

FrontGate’s Pay Per Click (PPC) and social media promotions also proved to be effective tools in driving traffic to the client’s download site.

Of all the leading Christian media outlets in this campaign, FrontGate Media provided 10 times more reach than the next closest group in the campaign. FrontGate’s broad spectrum of audiences kept the client’s marketing mix fresh and relevant, allowing the client  to reach a broad spectrum of audiences within the faith-based community including urban market, church leaders, event and conference attendees, missional teens, and more.

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Case Study – FrontGate Merch: Project Inspired T-Shirt Design Contest

Project Inspired by NicoleProject Inspired, an online magazine and community for Christian teen girls  founded by model and mentor Nicole Weider, is always looking for new ways to engage girls in a positive way. The articles and vlogs on the site focus on topics of interest to young women such as beauty, fashion, boys, relationships, entertainment, fitness and body image–all from a Christian perspective. Project Inspired recently partnered with FrontGate Merch for several T-shirt comps, which they then let readers vote on with the intent of selling the winning T-shirt in the Project Inspired store.

Why Project Inspired Uses FrontGate Media

“FrontGate Media has helped us to successfully fulfill our passions and create relationships with young women in the hopes of inspiring them – with spirituality, truth and fun — so they may live their best lives. [FrontGate] has positively impacted what we are able to provide our readers, thereby creating a pathway for our readers to enjoy their lives.”
– Nicole Weider, founder of

Target Audience

With an emphasis on being yourself, Project Inspired primarily reaches out to and engages teen girls who are active in their Faith.


The challenge in designing a T-shirt for Project Inspired lies in the diverse tastes and styles of the girls who visit to share their stories, make new friends, and read articles of interest to them. The goal was to create designs that were not only fashion-friendly and stylish, but which would also carry a positive message that could become an anthem for teen girls everywhere. The shirt needed to be something teen girls would wear proudly, not something they would hide in the back of their closet. The design and message both needed to reflect today’s modern Christian teen in a trendy and flattering way consistent with Biblical principles.

The FrontGate Media Campaign

FrontGate Merch created four different designs that readers had the opportunity to vote on. All four employed pastel colors against a white background and conveyed a positive message of empowerment. The shirts were all simple, short sleeve V-necks with the Project Inspired logo patch on the left sleeve. Here’s a look at the four versatile offerings up for voting:

  • “Be Inspired and Love God” (topped with pink crown in the vein of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” line)
  • “God Loves You, Pass It On” (with pink, blue and green flowers screened behind it)
  • “Forgiven” (with an image of pink tulips)
  • “Don’t Lose Hope. Just Know God Has a Better Plan for You.” (with the Project Inspired bird and pink hearts)
Fans were able to vote for their favorite T-shirt design over the course of one week.

Project Inspired Forgiven T-shirtResults

By allowing fans of Project Inspired to vote for their favorite T-shirt design, the girls were made to feel like their opinion mattered. Over 595 votes were cast for the four designs, with the “Forgiven” shirt finishing as the clear winner. Based on the comments, it seemed the message was the primary deciding factor. The topic of forgiveness resonated with numerous young girls. Here were some of their comments:

“I love the forgiven one! Pretty! Great idea, Nicole.” –horselover0509

“I love that Forgiven one. It really touches my soft spot. I’ve had some troubles in the past, and really even now, about remembering that I have been forgiven. That nothing I do will make God love me less. I would be willing to buy a shirt like that…I would DEFINITELY pay money for the Forgiven one, because it basically is my motto.” –HurricaneMurphGirl

“They are an amazing way to make people ask questions so you can tell them about Jesus! And they’re all so pretty! They should make all of them!!!!” –elenorfish

The “Forgiven” T-shirt will soon be available in the Project Inspired online store. You can check out all four designs and all comments here.

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Case Study – Advertising: Soul Surfer/Outreach Films

Outreach FilmsSoul Surfer was one of the biggest Christian movies that released in 2011. The film shared the story of 13-year-old professing Christian and surfing champ Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm in a shark attack. Starring AnnaSophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid and Carrie Underwood, the film showed the Hamilton family living out their faith in the midst of a dark and trying tragedy. As the motion picture depicts, Hamilton learned to surf again with only one arm and went on to become one of the world’s most revered professional surfers. Outreach Films was at the helm of faith-based advertising for the film, which carried an overtly Christian message. Outreach then turned to their friends at FrontGate Media to reach a broad group of Christian entertainment consumers.

Why Outreach Films Used FrontGate Media

“FrontGate Media made an incredible contribution to our overall campaign for Soul Surfer. The audiences they recommended were on target for what we needed to achieve, and their out-of-the-box ideas exceeded my expectations. Their media channels and their targeted proposal helped us achieve outstanding results: opening as the #4 film for the weekend and the #1 per screen average for new releases. Working with them was smooth and enjoyable; they were more like an internal part of our team and less like an outside agency.”

— Krista Veteto, Marketing Manager & Media Buyer, Outreach Films

Target Audience

The plot of the movie definitely appealed to teens, especially young girls who could easily put themselves in Bethany’s shoes. The Christian message of Soul Surfer and the fact that a daughter was the central character, immediately tugged at the heart-strings of parents, especially moms. Christian moviegoers and Christian entertainment consumers were also targeted, making FrontGate Media a natural partner as its roster of media outlets represent a vast array of Christian entertainment fans, in fact the largest source of entertainment fans in the faith-based market–spanning from movies to music to books.


The challenge in reaching this audience is showcasing the Christian elements of this movie as well as the quality of the film’s production. Christians are often inundated with promotions about movies that promote Christian values on direct-to-DVD releases, but it’s rare that a movie of this magnitude offered Christians a chance to show up at the box office. Timing was also crucial. Like most Christian films fortunate enough to make it to theatrical release, in order for the film to remain in theaters, opening weekend numbers had to be especially strong. This meant that the FrontGate Media campaign needed to intentionally build up to the premiere and fuel the momentum once Soul Surfer released.

Soul Surfer DVDThe FrontGate Media Campaign

FrontGate Media worked with Outreach Films to create a comprehensive campaign that began a month prior to Soul Surfer‘s April 8 release. The campaign consisted of a careful mix of emails, display ads, and newsletters, with a heavy emphasis on dedicated emails sent at strategic times. In order to capture a broad base of Christian consumers interested in faith-based entertainment, FrontGate Media used the full-breadth of their roster to create a campaign that tapped into the strengths of,,,, the Christian Entertainment Database, Youth Specialties, Spirit West Coast and the several key Christian festivals. By combining entertainment fans, Christian concert-goers along with core moviegoers, FrontGate Media was able to serve up a smorgasbord of well-respected outlets who catered to the core target audience for Soul Surfer.


The results of this campaign were phenomenal, garnering incredibly high open rates for dedicated emails and even better click-thru rates. Some of the highlights included an impressive 38% open rate for a direct email the day of Soul Surfer‘s release. A week later, the email was repeated and generated an impressive 28% open rate for the second send.

FrontGate Media outlet also saw some of the most effective traction. Dedicated emails were sent out to targeted groups of youth pastors, worship pastors and pastors in general prior to the movie’s release, receiving open rates well above average. Interestingly enough, the email that targeted general pastors generated the highest open rate at 33.8%. Targeting influential church leaders who could then go and share the movie with their congregation or youth group became a crucial key to the success of Soul Surfer. Together, with the help of FrontGate Media and other advertising partners, both secular and Christian, Soul Surfer grossed over $10.6 million its opening weekend, ranking fourth at the box office.

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Case Study – Advertising Campaign: The American Patriot’s Bible

Thomas Nelson LogoThe American Patriot’s Bible has been a best-selling Bible for Thomas Nelson since its release in 2010. Believers with an interest in how America’s rich history intersects with the Christian faith have found The American Patriot’s Bible to be an insightful resource on the ways the Christian faith of our Forefathers has shaped our country’s heritage. The American Patriot’s Bible was originally only available in The New King James Version (NKJV). With the continued success of the NKJV edition, Thomas Nelson decided to roll-out a second version in the beloved King James Version (KJV) last year. Thomas Nelson returned to enlist the help of FrontGate Media to identify specific key audiences to execute a highly targeted advertising campaign.

Target Audience

The American Patriot’s Bible is a niche product targeted specifically toward history lovers, military personnel, veterans and general Christians.


The foremost challenge of marketing a unique product like The American Patriot’s Bible lies in the nature of its content. The very thought of combining the topics of religion and politics is polarizing, so in researching advertising mediums, it was important that Thomas Nelson partner with outlets that attracted a largely conservative Christian audience.

While many secular outlets fit the criteria of catering to a right-wing constituency, many mainstream outlets were leery of advertising a Christian product. That’s where FrontGate came in. With the launch of the NKJV version of this Bible, The American Family Association as well as The Washington Times–both part of the FrontGate Media Group family–had been instrumental in the initial success of the original version. That’s why it was a no-brainer for Thomas Nelson to once again partner with FrontGate for the release of the KJV edition in 2012.

The FrontGate Media Campaign

FrontGate Media worked with Thomas Nelson to create a multi-pronged campaign that strategically reached a targeted audience through The Washington Times focusing on a key time of the year. The most successful advertising campaigns for this Bible took place at strategic military holidays such as Fourth of July, Memorial Day and September 11. For this particular placement, FrontGate created a campaign to run in the weeks leading up to Veteran’s Day. The campaign included an online banner in the Books section of The Washington Times, a newsletter ad in the popular “Daily Editorial Headlines” email, a direct email and a variety of leaderboard and medium rectangular web ads for a total of over 1.2 million impressions in a little over a week’s time.

American Patriot's BibleResults

Out of all of the advertising purchased for the KJV edition of The American Patriot’s BibleThe Washington Times campaign saw some of the strongest results, proving that the combination of the right audience targeted at a specific key time will always produce quality results. Here are just a few of the results of this short, but powerful, advertising campaign:

  • The “Daily Editorial Headlines” newsletter that contained The American Patriot’s Bible web ads generated over 100,000 opens with over 200 people clicking on the ads for the Bible.
  • With a subject line that boasted of the 50% discount off The American Patriot’s Bible, the dedicated email saw a 12% open rate with over 8,000 opens and more than 200 click-thrus resulting in an increase in sales at the day the email was sent.
  • The combined impressions of the 728×90 and the 300×250 banners garnered over 156,000 impressions alone, resulting in a 0.28% CTR.

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