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Case Study – Amanda Noelle and Save the City Records

Save The City Records

Christian singer/songwriter Amanda Noelle’s soulful songs are directed at encouraging the lives of young women. She has opened up for the likes of Mandisa and Natalie Grant, as well as touring with Building 429.  According to Amanda, “I want people to know there’s a God who loves them – cares for them – and created them to be amazing.” She is currently represented by Save the City Records, which launched in 2009, and whose current roster includes artists like Holly Starr, Circleslide, and Brandon Bee.

Why They Engaged FrontGate

Save the City Records reached out to FrontGate for assistance in Christian advertising to boost awareness for Amanda Noelle’s music and brand. When trying to break a new artist into the Christian music scene, you have to generate awareness for the artist and most importantly get their songs heard.  Save the City was seeking to do exactly that.

Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign was primarily active Christian music fans who had not yet heard of Amanda, in particular, young women who share a connection to her message; fans who are familiar with similar artists similar in style, and very active in the discovery of new music.  FrontGate’s Web Network includes the leading sites in music and entertainment, so with a very focused budget, we recommended New Release Tuesday which features upcoming releases and reviews of current radio/touring artists, as a good fit to find her ideal music fan.

Campaign Details

amandanoelleThe campaign ran from 8/20/2013 to 9/16/2013 on as an NRT Editorial Content Ad. These 300×250 ads share space with NRT’s vast editorial music news and interviews with artists.

 The goals were:

- To create brand awareness for her name and music. (As a new artist, getting noticed is the biggest challenge).

- Stimulate sales. The click-through rate is the key indicator that you’ve connected to a potential new fan to drive sales.


With 180,000 impressions booked,’s traffic for the month was extremely high resulting in 214,463 impressions actually provided. That’s an extra 25,000 impressions over delivered.

Banner Clicks: 1,951 Clicks

The click through rate was an outstanding 0.91% CTR based on total impression, but if you look at the paid impressions, click through was 1.08%!

These click through rates are double what is typically seen for this space, making this well-designed ad one of the best performing ads of the 2013 year to date.  

This one – two punch of a well-designed ad delivered to the right target audience delivered excellent results.

 “As always, FrontGate is a one-stop shop for providing our advertising needs for the faith-based market. They are easy to work with and have the advertising outlets we need.”
- Derek Hoiem, Save The City Records

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  1. […] I recently had the opportunity to create on a marketing campaign for new Save The City Records artist, Amanda Noelle. We were launching with very little radio play and introducing a new name to Christian listeners. Fortunately for Amanda, she landed the worship leader slot for Girls of Grace for 2013-2014 season. That gave us a couple of things to target 1) Christian Music fans who are interested in new music and 2) Girls who follow & attend Girls of Grace events.  We of course looked at marketing vehicles available at Girls of Grace events and implemented a contest with Sisterhood Magazine ( official magazine handed out at Girls of Grace conferences) where girls register to win Forever 21 Gift Cards & Women’s study Bibles. Knowing that is an extremely popular hangout for people interested in discovering new Christian music, made it a natural space to target. Working with talented graphic designer, Jekob Washington, we created the ad above. Our ad ended up being one of’s most successful click-throughs ads so far in 2013, clocking in double the click-throughs they normally see for the space we booked! Check out Frontgate Media’s Case Study on the campaign here Amanda Noelle Ad Case Study […]

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