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BISG’S Making Information Pay 2016 Highlights the Benefits
of Corporate Social Responsibility in Publishing 

Slide presentation with audio recording of Making Information Pay 2016 is now available to be viewed on BISG’s YouTube Channel. Follow the link:

New York, NY, May 26, 2016: The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) held its annual Making Information Pay event with a program focused on “publishers making a profit by making a difference” through corporate social responsibility (CSR), and included panels focusing on the resurgence of independent bookstores, the benefits of cause marketing, digital publishing accessibility, attitudes about digital privacy, and the urgent need for diversity in the industry.

“BISG is likely best known for providing resources, education and expertise for the “mechanics” of the publishing industry, and a large part of our mission involves reducing friction in the publishing supply chain,” stated Kat Meyer, BISG’s Director of Content Development & Acquisition. “However, reducing friction for the ‘human factor’ of publishing is equally, if not more important. This year, MIP was a timely and well-received meeting that addressed the work being done to make publishing a better industry for the people who create and consume our products.”

The program’s highlights included a keynote from Lee Rainie of the Pew Research Center, noting the American public’s increasing suspicions about digital privacy. Quoting researcher Danah Boyd he said, “There is a palpable sense that the dynamic of privacy has changed from one in which you are private by default to one which you are public by default and private by effort. Rainie also stated, “(Americans think) privacy is no longer a condition of American life and in the future will be something only the rich will be able to purchase.”

Rick Johnson of VitalSource Technologies (the company that distributes the EPUB version of BISG’s Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing) passionately advocated for the advancement of creating mainstream accessible digital content in the educational realm emphasizing interoperability, personalization, analytics, collaboration, and accessibility. Nielsen Book’s Kempton Mooney made the case for diversity by revealing surprising statistics showing that just in the U.S. alone, Hispanics have purchasing power greater than the entire economy of Australia.

Attendees were passionate about the importance of the program. Diversity Panel sponsor Brian O’Leary said, “Fundamentally we’re talking about soliciting and nurturing perspectives born from different experiences. Embracing difference helps us recruit from a much broader pool of talented, motivated staff. It strengthens content creation, informs and increases our appeal for under