Bible VR Partners With FrontGate To Provide Public Relations
As Well As Other Media Services

bible-vrOrange County, CA – FrontGate Media, the leading faith-based marketing service and media group providing public relations, advertising, social marketing, media placement and strategy development services to the Faith-based community, announced today that Bible VR has partnered with FrontGate Media to provide public relations as well as other media services

According to CEO/Producer/Director Pearry Teo, “I believe that partnering with FrontGate Media will enable Bible VR to saturate the Faith-based market quickly based on their experience and team.  Their relationships with media and ministries give us the ability to brand Bible VR into a household name.”

Scott A. Shuford, Founder/CEO of FrontGate Media states, “We have represented hundreds of projects that have impacted the Faith-based community, however what makes this project so exciting is that it will not only impact this community, but will change the way the message is delivered.”

About FrontGate Media
Award-winning FrontGate Media ( is the largest Marketing Service and Web & Events Group reaching the faith and family values audience.  Serving as “Your Gateway to the Christian Audience,” the firm provides Faith-based market Strategy Development, Public Relations, Media Buying, and Social Media Marketing. FrontGate’s own Web & Events Network also provides reach to more than 10 million people and 17 million email subscribers. Founded in 2001, FrontGate has repeatedly been honored in the Internet Advertising Competition and the Web Awards. The company plays a key role in the success of for-profit and non-profit organizations seeking the faith-based and family friendly audiences.

About Bible VR:
The goal of Bible VR is to revolutionize the way we learn about the Bible, especially for children and young adults. The company creates faith-based content via virtual reality tech for both education and entertainment, allowing users to experience events instead of just reading about them. Users will be able to feel and see the parting of the Red Sea, crossing while being chased by the Egyptian armies, or experience the fall of Jericho, and see the rise of David or Solomon instead of just imagining them from reading words on the page or seeing 2D renditions on a screen. The VR platform also allows for spiritual growth by providing VR prayer rooms. For more, visit