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Bible Gateway Interviews Stephen M. Miller on A Visual Walk Through Genesis

The book of Genesis offers helpful answers to the biggest questions in life—Why are we here? What is God like? Why so much evil and pain? But readers often get tripped up by the ancient writing style and wonder: Did Moses really write Genesis? Many of the reports seem so odd—are they scientifically accurate? Does that matter? How does Genesis relate to other ancient accounts of creation, the origin of evil, and the great flood? Bible Gateway interviewed Stephen M. Miller about his book, A Visual Walk Through Genesis: Exploring the Story of How It All Began (Harvest House Publishers, 2016), which presents viewpoints from a wide range of Christian Bible experts, along with colorful graphics and a touch of dry humor. Read this interview.

Bible Gateway Interviews Martin Manser, author of I Never Knew That Was in the Bible

When studying the Bible, reference books that focus on Scripture provide an overview of the Bible, help you find verses and passages in the Bible, and assist you in understanding the content, context, culture, and other elements in the Bible by providing commentaries and definitions, as well as historical and archaeological information. Bible Gateway interviewed Bible reference editor Martin Manser about the many books and projects he’s worked on, including I Never Knew That Was in the Bible (Thomas Nelson, 1999). Read this interview.