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Jonathan Petersen
Marketing Manager, Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway Interview: The Year without a Purchase: One Family’s Quest to Stop Shopping and Start Connecting (Westminister John Knox Press, 2015)
Consumerism has a pesky way of leading to stress. Can shopping less really contribute to living more? And what does the Bible say about how to find true joy apart from the acquisition of things? Bible Gateway interviewed Scott Dannemiller about his humorously-serious book, The Year without a Purchase: One Family’s Quest to Stop Shopping and Start Connecting (Westminister John Knox Press, 2015). Read this interview. ( blog/2015/09/the-year-without- a-purchase-an-interview-with-scott-dannemiller/)

New Edition of Amplified Bible Now on Bible Gateway
The popular Amplified Bible (AMP), produced by The Lockman Foundation, is now updated and available on Bible Gateway, along with the Amplified Bible Classic Edition (AMPC). For the update to the AMP, the goal of the translation team was to enhance the appeal of the Amplified Bible by refreshing the English and refining the amplifications for relevance and clarity. The result is an Amplified Bible that’s easier to read and better than ever to study and understand. Read more. ( amplified-bible-now-on-bible- gateway/)

Bible Gateway’s Rachel Barach on Why Bible Engagement is Down in an Age of Digital AccessibilityToday’s technology makes it easier than ever to access the Bible. In addition to reading a print Bible in any of the dozens of versions and translations on the market today, Scripture can be read from any online computer, listened to on a morning jog or commute to work, pulled up on a smartphone, and easily shared with hundreds or thousands of social network acquaintances. So why is Bible engagement—reading it, understanding it, embracing it—on a downhill trend? In a brief essay at OnFaith, Bible Gateway’s manager, Rachel Barach, offers an explanation. Read more. ( blog/2015/07/why-is-bible- engagement-down-in-an-age-of- digital-accessibility-rachel- barach-on-technology-and- scripture/)

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