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Bible Gateway Interviews Mark Batterson on The Grave Robber

Do we dare believe that God can speak into our lives powerfully and tangibly? Jesus did this. During his earthly ministry he healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, and even raised the dead. What if he would do these things today? Bible Gateway interviewed pastor Mark Batterson about his book, The Grave Robber: How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible (Baker Books, 2014). Read this interview.
Bible Gateway Interviews Kent Dobson on the NIV First-Century Study Bible

One of the great challenges in reading the Bible is the massive chronological and cultural gap between the Bible’s original audiences and modern readers. Is it possible for a modern Bible reader to appreciate the mindset of the Bible’s ancient Jewish and Christian authors and readers? Those are questions that Kent Dobson seeks to address as editor of the NIV First-Century Study Bible(Zondervan, 2014). Read this interview.