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Bible Gateway interviews the editors of The CEB Women’s Bible

Through book introductions, devotional reflections, articles, and character profiles, The CEB Women’s Bible (Common English Bible, 2016) (@CommonEngBible) focuses on stories of women—named and unnamed—in Scripture to help readers, both men and women, become more aware of issues related to gender and justice. Bible Gateway interviewed the editors about The CEB Women’s BibleRead this interview.

Bible Gateway interviews Mark Woods, author of Does the Bible Really Say That…?

Are we missing some of the richness and depth of our faith because we don’t like to ask the questions we ought to ask? Are there different ways of thinking about old truths that might challenge and inspire us? Are there, even, old truths that turn out not to be true after all? Bible Gateway interviewed Mark Woods (@RevMarkWoods) about his book, Does the Bible Really Say That…?: Challenging Our Assumptions in the Light of the Scripture (Monarch Books – Kregel Publications, 2016). Read this interview.