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Bible Gateway interviews David Bowden, author of “Rewire Your Heart”

Is the way to fight sin to grit your teeth, strengthen your resolve, and rise above the onslaught of temptation? What does the Bible say about breaking the chain of sin and doing what is right instead of what is wrong? In this Facebook Live video with Bible Gateway, David Bowden (@davidbpoetry) talks about his book, Rewire Your Heart: Replace Your Desire for Sin with Desire for God (Thomas Nelson, 2018).

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Bible Gateway interviews Roger E. Olson, editor of the “Handbook of Denominations in the United States, 14th Edition”

What are denominations and why are they important? What’s their history, doctrines, and practices? How many are there and why do they exist? Bible Gateway interviewed Roger E. Olson, who, along with Frank S. Mead, Samuel S. Hill, and Craig D. Atwood, is editor of the Handbook of Denominations in the United States, 14th Edition (Abingdon Press, 2018).

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