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Bible Gateway interviews Randy Robison, author of “The Age of Promise”

How can the long-ago practices, laws, and rituals of the Old Testament possibly be relevant to our lives now? How are the promises that were made in the Old Testament transformed in Christ? What does it mean that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever? Bible Gateway interviewed Randy Robison about his book, “The Age of Promise: Escape the Shadows of the Law to Live in the Light of Christ” (Thomas Nelson, 2018).
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Bible Gateway interviews O. S. Hawkins, author of “The Daniel Code”

Are you struggling to live out your faith in a rapidly changing culture that seems to have lost its way? The ancient book of Daniel speaks of how he survived and thrived in a pagan, permissive, and perverted society. Bible Gateway interviewed O. S. Hawkins (@OSHawkins) about his book, “The Daniel Code: Living Out Truth in a Culture That Is Losing Its Way” (Thomas Nelson, 2017).
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