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Bible Gateway interviews J.D. Greear, author of “Not God Enough”

How big is your view of God? Do you see him as merely an extension of yourself or as the very source of all that is? How does the Bible describe God? What does it mean in modern times to fear the Lord? Bible Gateway interviewed J.D. Greear (@jdgreear) about his book, Not God Enough: Why Your Small God Leads to Big Problems (Zondervan, 2018).

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Bible Gateway interviews John Dickson, author of “A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus”

Apart from the Bible, what are the earliest historical sources that speak of Jesus? How is he portrayed? And why should skeptics take a second look at this central of all historical figures? Bible Gateway interviewed John Dickson (@johnpauldickson) about his book, A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus: An Introduction to the Man from Nazareth for Believers and Skeptics (Zondervan, 2018).

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