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Bible Gateway interviews Erin Loechner, author of ‘Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path’

How should you focus on the few things that truly matter? How can you upgrade your life by downsizing it? How can such steep climbs as a husband’s brain tumor, bankruptcy, family loss, and public criticism be handled by God’s grace? Bible Gateway interviewed Erin Loechner (@erinloechner) about her book, Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path (Zondervan, 2016).

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Bible Gateway interviews Jean Thomason (Miss PattyCake), author of ‘Sharing God’s Big Love with Little Lives’

The psalmist’s admonition to “rejoice and be glad” extends to everyone. How can that concept best be taught to young children? What are age-appropriate teaching tools that center on communicating the love of God and help kids see that praising God is a game changer in life? Bible Gateway interviewed Jean Thomason (aka Miss PattyCake) (@PattyCakePraise) about her book, Sharing God’s Big Love with Little Lives: A Can-Do Guide for Parents and Caregivers (Worthy Publishing, 2017).

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