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Bible Gateway Interviews Glenn R. Paauw on Saving the Bible from Ourselves

Over centuries, Bible scholars and publishers have increasingly added “helps” to the Bible—chapter divisions, verses, subheads, notes—in an effort to make it easier to study and understand. But have these study aids instead grown to be impediments to the Bible’s original intent? Rather than being a culture-shaping force, has the Bible come to be regarded as a database of quick and easy answers to life’s troubling questions? Bible Gateway interviewed Glenn R. Paauw, senior fellow at the Institute for Bible Reading, about his book, Saving the Bible from Ourselves: Learning to Read and Live the Bible Well (IVP Books, 2016). Read this interview.

Bible Gateway Interviews Tim Stafford, general editor of NIV God’s Justice: The Holy Bible
God’s justice—his plan for “setting things right”—is a foundational principle of the Bible. God’s plan for justice to triumph can be traced from Genesis to Revelation, and as a theme it forms the backbone of Scripture. How can we better understand God’s perspective on today’s injustices around the world? Bible Gateway interviewed Tim Stafford, general editor, about the NIV God’s Justice: The Holy Bible (Zondervan, 2016). Read this interview.