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Bible Gateway interviews John C. Lennox, author of “2084”

What dangers lurk in technology’s ubiquitous and unrelenting encroachment in our lives? What are the perilous spiritual implications of artificial intelligence, bioengineering, facial recognition, and other hi-tech applications we’re accepting into our daily world with little concern? What does the Bible say about it all? Bible Gateway interviewed John C. Lennox (@ProfJohnLennox) about his book, “2084: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity” (Zondervan, 2020).

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Bible Gateway debuts “Take Back Your Life” by Levi Lusko

Bible Gateway exclusively published a Sneak Peek and First Listen of the forthcoming book, audiobook, and DVD “Take Back Your Life: A 40-Day Interactive Journey to Thinking Right So You Can Live Right” by Levi Lusko (Thomas Nelson, 2020), pastor of Fresh Life Church.

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