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Bible Gateway interviews David A. Covington, author of “A Redemptive Theology of Art”

What does the Bible say about art? What is a biblical, systematic, and practical theology of aesthetics? What is the scriptural teaching about the passions that motivate us? How were we made for God’s delight? And, though sin and bondage plague our passions, how does God shape our fun, feelings, desires, and affections? Bible Gateway interviewed David A. Covington about his book, “A Redemptive Theology of Art: Restoring Godly Aesthetics to Doctrine and Culture” (Zondervan, 2020).

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Bible Gateway interviews Dr. David Jeremiah, author of “Shelter in God”

Pastor, broadcaster, and author Dr. David Jeremiah believes reassurance can be found throughout the Bible—especially in the book of Psalms—both now during the coronavirus pandemic and during all of life’s greatest challenges. Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. David Jeremiah (@davidjeremiah) about his book, “Shelter in God: Your Refuge in Times of Trouble” (W Publishing Group, 2020).

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