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Bible Gateway interviews Ron Beers, General Editor of the “Life Application Study Bible, Third Edition”

The phenomenally bestselling Life Application Study Bible, with its signature feature of 10,000 Life Application® verse notes, is now updated and expanded in a refreshed 3rd edition. Bible Gateway interviewed Ron Beers, general editor of the Life Application Study Bible, Third Edition (Tyndale House/Zondervan, 2019), available in both the NLT and NIV Bible translations.

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Bible Gateway interviews Asheritah Ciuciu, author of “Bible & Breakfast”

Christian women often feel overwhelmed by all of the things demanding their time, attention, and energy. Busy women feel like they’re running on empty with a longing to be spiritually fed. Bible Gateway interviewed Asheritah Ciuciu (@asheritah), author of “Bible & Breakfast: 31 Mornings with Jesus—Feeding Our Bodies and Souls Together” (Moody Publishers, 2019).

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