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Bible Gateway Interviews Dr. Brian Han Gregg, author of What Does the Bible Say About Suffering?

The quest for an answer to the problem of suffering is universal. People often treat the Bible like a manual, looking for a single clear response that explains the presence of evil and suffering. Perhaps the Bible does not have one but many responses to suffering. To pick out one theme is to hear the sopranos but miss the choir. We need to listen to the whole biblical narrative to appreciate its multifaceted handling of the problem. Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. Brian Han Gregg about his book, What Does the Bible Say About Suffering? (IVP Academic, 2016). Read this interview.

Bible Gateway Interviews Dr. Ron Rhodes, author of The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy

Escalating tensions in the Middle East have sparked renewed interest in last-days Bible prophecy. With fierce fighting reported in the news every day and unsuccessful attempts at brokering a lasting peace agreement, many are asking if this is the beginning of the end. Questions about biblical eschatology—theology regarding the end times—continue to build. Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. Ron Rhodes (@roncrhodes) about his book, The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy: Understanding the Ongoing Controversies (Harvest House Publishers, 2014). Read this interview.