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Bible Gateway interviews author of “The Old Testament in Seven Sentences”

Do you think the Old Testament is confusing, out of date, and essentially replaced by the New Testament? What if you could capture in a few sentences its grand narrative that reveals God’s work, his purposes, and his wisdom, and understand how the Old Testament Scriptures prepared for the identity and mission of Jesus as Messiah, Savior, and Lord? Bible Gateway interviewed Christopher J.H. Wright about his book, “The Old Testament in Seven Sentences: A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic” (IVP Academic, 2019).

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Bible Gateway interviews P. Brian Noble, author of “The Path of a Peacemaker”

What does it mean to be not only a peacekeeper, but a peacemaker? How can peace be achieved when conflict is inevitable? How do we find peace without ignoring our problems? How do we pursue unity without compromising on our principles? Bible Gateway interviewed P. Brian Noble (@PMMinistries), author of “The Path of a Peacemaker: Your Biblical Guide to Healthy Relationships, Conflict Resolution, and a Life of Peace” (Baker Books, 2019).

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