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Bible Gateway interviews James L. Papandrea, author of “A Week in the Life of Rome”

What do you know about the every-day living conditions of first-century Rome? How did that ancient culture impose a tremendous social cost on the followers of Jesus? What were the daily struggles of the church in Rome and how does an awareness of that time period influence readers of the New Testament in the 21st century? Bible Gateway interviewed James L. Papandrea (@jimpapandrea), author of the book, “A Week in the Life of Rome” (IVP Academic, 2019).

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Bible Gateway interviews Dr. Vern Poythress, author of “Interpreting Eden”

How can we faithfully read and understand Genesis 1-3? What are the implications related to divine authorship, historical background, genre and structure, and chronology? Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. Vern Poythress (@vernpoythress) about his book, “Interpreting Eden: A Guide to Faithfully Reading and Understanding Genesis 1-3” (Crossway, 2019).

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Bible Gateway interviews Lisa Robertson, author of “The Path of Life”

The path of life is similar to natural paths: it leads to a destination, someone has gone before to create it, and it’s time-test and established. What does it mean to find God’s path for you? Bible Gateway interviewed Lisa Robertson (@lisanrobertson_) about her book, “The Path of Life: Walking in the Loving Presence of God (Thomas Nelson, 2019).

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