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Bible Gateway interviews Randy Travis, author of “Forever and Ever, Amen”

From a working-class background in North Carolina to being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Randy Travis has sold more than 25 million albums in both country and gospel music. This seemingly charmed life began a downward spiral in 2009: his marriage dissolved, he discovered that his finances had unraveled, and his struggles with anger led to alcohol abuse, public embarrassment, and even police arrest in 2012. Then, just as he was putting his life back together, Randy suffered a devastating viral cardiomyopathy that led to a massive stroke which he was not expected to survive. Bible Gateway interviewed Randy Travis (@randytravis) about his book, “Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith, and Braving the Storms of Life” (Thomas Nelson, 2019).

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Bible Gateway interviews J.P. Moreland, author of “Finding Quiet”

Nearly 20% of Americans suffer from mental illness—including anxiety and depression—according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and people in church pews are not immune. Because prominent philosopher, author, and professor J.P. Moreland experienced it himself, he has now explored the spiritual and physical aspects of mental illness, and has discovered sound sources of information, treatment, and recovery. Bible Gateway interviewed J.P. Moreland (@jpmoreland) about his book, “Finding Quiet: My Story of Overcoming Anxiety and the Practices that Brought Peace” (Zondervan, 2019).

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