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Bible Gateway interviews Dr. Warren Wiersbe, general editor of “The Wiersbe Study Bible”

Long time radio Bible teacher and ECPA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Dr. Warren Wiersbe is well known for his comforting voice and warm personal approach to studying the Bible. In this Bible Gateway interview, Dr. Wiersbe, general editor of “The Wiersbe Study Bible” (Thomas Nelson, 2019), shares his love of the New King James Version (NKJV) Bible translation and how this study Bible offers in-depth reflections on scriptural themes to encourage the spiritual journey of its readers.

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Bible Gateway interviews Dr. Alister McGrath, author of “Mere Discipleship”

How should Christian discipleship affect the way you think, imagine, and act? How can you best hold on to hope while journeying through darkness and live meaningfully in a world in which things don’t always seem to make sense? Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. Alister McGrath (@alisteremcgrath) about his book, “Mere Discipleship: Growing in Wisdom and Hope” (Baker Books, 2019).

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