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Bible Gateway interviews authors of “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening)”

More than ever, modern cultural conversation seems driven by conflict and anger. People sitting together in pews every Sunday have started to feel like strangers, loved ones at the dinner table like enemies. What is the biblical way to have a civilized dialogue? Bible Gateway interviewed Sarah Stewart Holland (@bluegrassred) and Beth Silvers (@nkybeth), two friends on opposite sides of the aisle who provide a practical guide to grace-filled conversation while challenging readers to put relationship before policy and understanding before argument in their book, “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening): A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversations” (Thomas Nelson, 2019).

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Bible Gateway interviews authors of “The Fool and the Heretic”

The topics of creation and evolution can be divisive in today’s church. How can followers of Jesus who worship together but differ in their views on these topics get along with each other? How can they demonstrate the practice of loving one another, friendship, and mutual respect despite arriving at opposite scientific conclusions? Bible Gateway interviewed Dr. Todd Charles Wood (@CoreacadInfo) and Dr. Darrel R. Falk about their book, “The Fool and the Heretic: How Two Scientists Moved Beyond Labels to a Christian Dialogue About Creation and Evolution” (Zondervan, 2019).

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