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Bible Gateway Interviews Glenn R. Paauw, author of Saving the Bible from Ourselves

The Institute for Bible Reading (IFBR) is an activist think tank that provides tools and frameworks to fundamentally change the way people read the Bible. Bible Gateway hosted a Facebook Live interview with IFBR on the topic of how Bible reading is broken, how it’s NOT your fault, and the practical, simple steps for you to take toward reading the Bible well. Bible Gateway interviewed Glenn R. Paauw, a founding director of IFBR (@Read_Well), about his book, Saving the Bible from Ourselves: Learning to Read and Live the Bible Well (IVP Books, 2016). Watch the interview.

Bible Gateway Interviews Jan Harrison, author of Life After the Storm: God Will Carry You Through

If winds of change, doubt, or grief are swirling about you, how can you best embrace the lifelines of God’s presence, Word, and promises of hope and healing? Bible Gateway interviewed Jan Harrison (@JanMHarrison77) about her book, Life After the Storm: God Will Carry You Through (Harvest House Publishers, 2015). Read this interview.