November 30, 2015
Lori Heiselman

Terry Warren

Bible Belles Offers Holiday Opportunity
of Giving

The characters in The Adventures of Rooney Cruz are brought to life through high-quality illustrations by former Disney animator Rob Corley, who is known for his work on The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. Like the Disney classics that are passed down from generation to generation, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz is an impactful series parents and grandparents will want to share with their children and grandchildren. Parents of homeschoolers, Sunday school teachers and Christian educators will find the books a helpful resource to teach moral principles to the next generation through these strong, female role models.

Bible Bells coverAccording to Weidemann, “Rooney Cruz is a character who struggles through the challenges and difficult situations that most girls face as they grow up. We want to help girls identify powerful ways to approach life’s challenges by highlighting real heroes, Heroes For Her™.”

The first book of the Rooney Cruz series, Hannah: The Belle of Prayer, is a gift that will transform girls ages 6 to 10. Now available in time for the holiday season, the book is available both in a hard copy and in a digital format. To take advantage of the Buy One Give One special, go to Use the coupon code “THANKS”.