Bible Belles Launches  “Las Aventuras de Rooney Cruz – Hannah: la Bella de la Plegari” to the Hispanic Community

Bible Belles is committed to share “Heroes for Her” the Superheroines
of the Bible for Children and Youth

Hannah Cover (Spanish)San Diego, CA – Bible Belles has launched the first book in Spanish from their original series, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz. The focus of the series is the five women superheroines of the Bible, starting with the first title, Hannah: The Bible Belle of Prayer. Rooney Cruz, the protagonist, is a nine-year-old girl who learns that she has hidden superpowers, and her first adventure begins a journey that will change her life forever when she discovers his first secret power: the power of prayer.

According to the author and creator of The Adventures of Rooney Cruz, Erin Weidemann, “Rooney Cruz is a character that faces the same problems and difficult situations facing most of the girls today. We hope the girls of today will identify powerful ways of addressing the challenges of life through highlighting the real heroes, “Heroes For Her.”™

Erin Weidemann is a full time middle school teacher, mother, athletic coach, and five-time cancer survivor. She was convinced that having a family was impossible, but she has learned that nothing is impossible for God. Her personal experiences, and seeing that the negative situations in life can be used positively, have inspired her to create Bible Belles to help girls around the world to understand the true definition of beauty and their purposes in life. You can learn more about Erin’s history at

Characters from The Adventures of Rooney Cruz have been created with high quality illustrations by Rob Corley, former animator for Disney, best known for his work on The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. As classic films that are loved from generation to generation, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz is a series of high impact that parents and grandparents will want to share with their children and grandchildren. Home Schooling parents, Sunday school teachers and Christian educators will want to use the series as a resource to teach moral principles to future generations through these strong female models.

Book one of the Rooney Cruz series, Hannah: The Bible Belle of Prayer, is now available in Spanish as well as English, in hard copy and downloadable formats. To learn more about the series and to buy, you can visit