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B&H Text Bible Program expands, now includes a rebate and promotions on top-selling Holman Bibles

Nashville, Tenn. (June 26, 2017)–Holman Bibles, an imprint of B&H Publishing Group, will expand its successful Text Bible Program to include a rebate and special promotions in the “Holman One Source Bible Program,” effective July 1.

The new program will feature exclusive promotions for retailers on top-selling Bibles, a 5% rebate on all text/reference Bibles, enhanced free freight, and more favorable buying terms. The One Source Bible Program includes Bibles in the newly revised Christian Standard Bible® (CSB) translation. 

Two years ago, B&H launched the “One Source Rebate Program” for Broadman Church Supplies. The program rewards retail partners with an end-of-the-year rebate based on annual Broadman Supplies purchases. In 2016, 88 independent retailers throughout the U.S. received a total of over $40,000 in rebates.

“We are excited to expand this program to include a rebate and exclusive Bible promotions in a continued effort to best support our CBA independent bookstores,” said Rick Shear, Vice President of CBA and Ministry Sales.

In addition, Holman will offer a new Text Bible Plan Merchandising Display to any store that signs up to become a Holman Certified Dealer. The new merchandising display provides retailers with the components they need to set up an interactive display for the text and reference Bibles that are included in the Text Bible Plan. Customers can use the display to easily compare the different covers, sizes, and translations offered in the plan.

For more information about the Holman One Source Bible Program, contact B&H at 1-800-251-3225 or

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