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B&H launches two new podcasts alongside
books ‘Heroic’ and ‘Sick of Me’

NASHVILLE, TENN. March 29, 2019—B&H Publishing is launching two new podcasts in conjunction with new books “Heroic: The Surprising Path to True Manhood” by Bill Delvaux and “Sick of Me: From Transparency to Transformation” by Whitney Capps. B&H hopes these podcasts will both introduce these books to new readers and also provide interesting additional content to the books’ current readers.

For “Heroic,” author Delvaux created “The Heroic Podcast,” a new podcast with 20 interviews with leaders, artists, pastors and other influencers on the topics of manhood, the Christian life and spiritual growth. The podcast launched March 27, and episodes will be released weekly in batches of four per week through late April. Featured guests include Ellie Holcomb, Scotty Smith, Brown Bannister, Scott Sauls, Trevin Wax, Barnabas Piper and more.

“One of the go-to places for men — especially millennials —  to gain new ideas is a podcast,” Delvaux said. “‘The Heroic Podcast’ does just that, communicating some of the ideas of the ‘Heroic’ book in a lively, conversational form. The podcast’s brief teaching and honest stories are the appetizer, with the hope that men will pick up the book and enjoy the main meal.”

For “Sick of Me,” Capps took a slightly different approach. She partnered with Angie Elkins, host of the podcast “Chatologie: Conversations that Matter” to create a six-episode mini-series to accompany the book. For each episode, Capps and Elkins discuss “Sick of Me”-related application points, stories and even bonus content left out of the book. The episodes are released weekly on Elkins’ Chatologie feed to cross-promote her existing podcast and point people to pick up Capps’ book.

“For women, personal stories connect us in powerful ways. ‘Sick of Me’ catalogs my personal journey of understanding and pursuing sanctification, but there is so much shared struggle here,” said Capps. “‘The Sick of Me Podcast’ lets women listen in as two girlfriends laugh, ask hard questions and process all that we learned reading the book. Together we examine not just information, but we also push each other toward the gospel goal of transformation. This book isn’t meant to be read; it’s meant to be experienced. ‘The Sick of Me Podcast’ helps women engage with the content in a unique and powerful way whether they have read the book or not.”

“The Sick of Me Podcast” is available now on any podcast platform by searching for Chatologie; “The Heroic Podcast” is available now on any platform. For information on “Heroic,” visit For information on “Sick of Me,” visit

“We live in a world where new methods of communications are introduced every day. Even though podcasts are not new, we do aim to use them in a new way: to generate more interest in long-form books, ” said Dave Schroeder, vice president of marketing at B&H.

“Bill Delvaux and Whitney Capps include timeless wisdom in their new books, which offer powerful messages created to equip this younger generation. Through these podcast campaigns, we hope to drive book sales while also giving current readers additional content that will enhance their learning and will, ultimately, prompt life change.”

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