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B&H launches new website with improved features
for retailers, updated logo

[NASHVILLE, TENN., February 11, 2019—] B&H Publishing is excited to unveil a new and improved websiteand brand update to better serve both customers and retailers.

Launched in late 2018, the new website features clean, effective imagery and copy that provide a more streamlined and easy-to-use experience for retailers, customers and visitors. The new website also allows the B&H team to effectively promote bestsellers, new releases and familiar backlist titles that support each B&H imprint.

Features that will be particularly useful to retailers include:

The website re-launch also provided a chance for B&H to refresh its brand logos, following the successful launch of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) and the rebrand of the Holman Bibles line.

“We’re extremely proud of this new site and the way it improves our online experience; we want any visitor to the site to see what B&H is known for and what our priorities are,” said Dave Schroeder, VP of Marketing. “As we continue to strive for improvement on the website, we also anticipate adding more resources to equip our retail partners for success.”

Visit to learn more.

B&H Publishing Group, an imprint of LifeWay Christian Resources, is a team of mission minded people with a passion for taking God’s Word to the world. Because we believe Every Word Matters® we seek to provide intentional, Bible-centered content that positively impacts the hearts and minds of people, inspiring them to build a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. Among our print and digital releases for the trade, church and academic markets, titles includeThe New York Times” No. 1 bestsellers “The Love Dare” and “The Vow,” No. 1 CBA bestseller “I Am a Church Member,” as well as the newly-revised Christian Standard Bible (CSB) version.