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Bestseller “Capital Gaines: Smart Things I’ve Learned
Doing Stupid Stuff” available for review, excerpts,
giveaways, and Q&A’s

We all know Chip Gaines as the funny, hardworking family man who can take an ordinary house and – with the design skills of his wife, Joanna-turn it into a place anyone would be glad to call home. While The Magnolia Story was the first book from the HGTV Fixer Upper stars offering their fans a detailed look at their life together, Capital Gaines will delve deeper into Chip’s story and the experiences that made him who he is today.

Capital Gaines is the story of Chip’s successes, losses, and how he followed his heart to achieve his wildest dreams. Husband and father of four, a contractor, business man, and friend – Chip is proof that if you stay true to yourself, you can have it all.

In Capital Gaines, we walk alongside Chip as he relives several of his craziest antics and the lessons learned along the way. As a recent reviewer said, “He has a distinctive way of speaking, and this book captures his voice perfectly. Reading it feels like you’re sitting on a front porch with a tall glass of iced tea as Chip gives you encouragement and advice.”

Capital Gaines is the perfect book for anyone looking to succeed not only in business, but more importantly in life.  For more Information, visit

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