Winter Jam 2012

Be a Winter Jam Film or DVD Partner

Do you want your film trailer and brand shown to the largest Christian tour audience in the world?

for the film industry that will impact this audience for the January 6 to April 1, 2012 tour dates across the U.S..

The Winter Jam Tour Spectacular was the #1 tour in the world (not just Christian tour) for the first quarter of 2011, according to Pollstar. The multi-artist event featuring many of Christian music’s biggest names outpaced attendance for all other tours including Bon Jovi, U2, X Factor Live, Lady Gaga, Brad Paisley and Justin Bieber, according to Pollstar’s 2011 Worldwide First Quarter Ticket Sales “Top 100 Tours” chart.

Winter Jam 2012 Film/DVD Partnerships
As a key sponsor of 2012 tour, your brand, Film or DVD will receive multiple touch points with the largest audience available via any tour in the U.S..

· Average of 11,000 per night.
· Your Preshow Commercial Spot: 30 seconds.
· Your Intermission Commercial Spot: 30 seconds.
· Your 90 second trailer shown during the show.
· MC announcement from the stage.

We can CUSTOMIZE your impact together, so contact a Promotions Manager at FrontGate Media to discuss options: or call 949-429-1000.

This special arrangement allows you to create maximum impact with the largest Christian tour audience in the world!